Parmahansa Yogananda kriya Yoga in Sydney


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Event Information

Introducing the Kriya Yoga meditation practices of Paramahansa Yogananda, followed by a reception.

About this Event

We welcome Brother Devananda, a monk of the Self-Realization Fellowship Order (SRF), back to Sydney to present:

“Meditation, The Source of Lasting Joy”.

We invite you to join the visiting Monks, and members of Sydney SRF Centre, for refreshments after the talk, where you will be able to ask questions about the ancient yoga practices and teachings taught by Yogananda. We will also have books available for sale and some free inspirational material.

SRF was founded by Paramahansa Yogananda in 1920 to make available the universal teachings of Kriya Yoga, a spiritual science originating millenniums ago in India.

  • These non-sectarian teachings include a complete philosophy and way of life for achieving all-round success and well-being, as well as methods of meditation for achieving life’s ultimate spiritual goal.

Yogananda is the author of Autobiography of a Yogi, one of the world’s most acclaimed spiritual classics. As the life story of Paramahansa Yogananda — often referred to as the Father of Yoga in the West — this book has touched the hearts and minds of millions around the globe.

  • Translated into fifty languages, it has served as an ambassador for India’s ancient science of Yoga.

He is also the subject of the award-winning film AWAKE: The Life of Yogananda.


Where can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Contact the Sydney SRF meditation centre via email,

Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

The event is open to general public. Whilst this event is geared toward adults, children twelve years and older may attend if they wish.

What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

  • Direct access is available from the street to the venue (via stairs). Wheelchair access is available via a lift.
  • Train station – 10-minute walk from Central Railway Station.
  • Parking is available at nearby Goulburn Street Parking Station, and at 55 Holt Street (5 mins walk).
  • City buses are available from Elizabeth Street and Eddy Street, outside Central Railway Station

Date and Time

Wed., 3 April 2019

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm AEDT

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NSW Teachers Federation Conference Centre

37 Reservoir Street

Surry Hills, NSW 2010

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Navy officer honoured as role model at Gargi Awards

By: Navy Daily.

Navy’s Principal Chaplain Colin Acton congratulates Lieutenant Kamala Sharma-Wing on her Gargi Award in the Defence, Police, Fire and Emergency Services category. Lieutenant Sharma Wing won the Hindu Council’s 2019 Gargi Award in the Defence, Police, Fire and Emergency Services category at a ceremony in Sydney. Lieutenant Sharma-Wing was excited to receive the award and pleased her work had both inspired and raised awareness about the Australian Defence Force as a career option for young Hindu people. 

To read more visit Navy Daily

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Meet the Australian scientist who became a revered Hindu holy man

Twenty years ago, Sharabhang Giri was a Melbourne-based scientist who reluctantly went to India for a holiday. When he arrived, he was an atheist with no real interest in the country. “Someone brought me to India almost against my will. I had no plan, I got here completely by accident,” he recalls. Today, he’s a revered Hindu holy man who says he can’t even remember his name from his previous life.


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Sri Ramakrishna Birthday Celebration

The pulsating, ancient sound of Vedic Chanting by the Vedanta Society Nuns launched this year’s public celebration of Sri Ramakrishna’s birthday celebration at Vedanta Hall.

In his introductory comments to a panel session on Joy of Spirituality in the Light of Sri Ramakrishna’s Life and Message, Robert Grant observed that: “We’re surrounded by complicated, obsessive and expensive attempts to find joy,” citing the trend for “short but extravagant holidays: action-packed, micro-managed, dripping with luxurious locales and food, all shared in minute detail on social media;” as just one example. He contrasted this with the “mart of joy” that surrounded Sri Ramakrishna and how “waves of heavenly bliss” would flow in his room where devotional talks and singing and dance gave rise to the deepest, simplest and purest joy. Robert wryly observed that: “Here in Sydney over 140 years later we also have many ‘Marts of Joy’ every weekend with dancing and singing and people falling on the ground in ‘ecstasy.’ But while those who attended Sri Ramakrishna’s Marts of Joy woke up the following morning exclaiming: “Good morning God!” many Sydney revelers might exclaim: “O God! Morning!”

Walter Mason, blogger and writer and Vice-President of the Charles Dickens society, Sankar Chandrasekaran, retired electronics engineer and keen student of Sanskrit, Gita and the Upanishads, and Pravrajika Sridharaprana, Nun of Sri Sarada Math of the Ramakrishna Order, comprised the panel.

They explored three themes: firstly, describing ‘How they find simple joys in their everyday lives.’ Sridharaprana found it joyful to interact with and serve the devotees. Asked to ‘Share stand-out moments from their Spiritual Journey,’ Sankar described how, after several attempts, thwarted by riots in Tibet and group Visa issues, he and friends finally completed a pilgrimage to Kailash and Manasarovar leading to indescribable joy. Sridharaprana shared her life-changing experience of visiting the Sri Ramakrishna Math in Bangalore, a Centre with a rich spiritual history associated with Sri Sarada Devi, saintly monks and enthralling devotional music. With two travel books full of anecdotes of the enriching and exotic times he spent in Vietnam and Cambodia Walter described sacred meetings with Nuns and Monks and solitary ascetics.

A ‘Favourite teaching or incident related to Sri Ramakrishna’ took us to a quiet and exclusive shop in the upper levels of Sydney’s Queen Victoria Building where, with only an occasional sale to occupy him, Walter read Christopher Isherwood’s biography of Sri Ramakrishna, revealing a rich, mystical world for his imagination. Sankar had a very personal take having acted the role of Sri Ramakrishna in several plays.

Next on the program was a sublime performance of sacred music straddling Jewish, Christian and Hindu songs, by Australia’s leading performers of the art, Dr.Kim Cunio, Associate Professor at the ANU and his partner, Heather Lee, award winning soprano.

The Celebration concluded with a talk by Pravrajika Gayatriprana, President of the Ramakrishna Sarada Vedanta Society of NSW. All were served lunch.

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Nepalese Peace Pagoda, Brisbane, Australia

Short Video on Nepalese temple built by Nepal in World Expo 88′, situated in the South bank of Brisbane City, Australia. Captured through Mobile Camera.



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Hare Krishna Community and Cultural Centre coming up

His Divine Grace A C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

(Founder Acharya: International Society for Krishna Consciousness)

 Hare Krishna Community and Cultural Centre coming up!

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), more popularly known as the “Hare Krishnas”, has announced a new temple and cultural centre to be built in Vineyard (near Windsor), approximately 50 km northwest of Sydney CBD. The construction project is expected to be completed by 2022 and will be known as the Hare Krishna Community and Cultural Centre (HKCCC). The centre will house a cultural, social and community hall, ideal for cultural performances like dance, music, dramas, weddings, conferences and festive functions. There will also be a pure vegetarian restaurant serving delicious world famous Hare Krishna cuisine. The full size commercial kitchen will serve as an outlet for Hare Krishna Food for Life program, the world’s largest vegetarian charity, serving free, nutritious vegetarian meals to the public.

In addition, there will be a 12rooms guest house for giving visitors the opportunity for enjoying a spiritual retreat on weekends and holidays.

It is anticipated that the local community will benefit from a variety of community programs such as food charity, yoga retreats, spiritual counselling and Sunday school for the kids, along with the celebration of myriads of festivals in the Vedic tradition. The main attraction of the centre will of course be the temple with its glamorous Deities Sri Sri Radha Govinda, Sri Sri Sita Ram Lakshman and Hanuman and Sri SriGauraNitai and of course founder Acharya His Divine Grace A C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada!

Often we ask ourselves about a need for a temple if God is present everywhere. While it is accepted that God is omnipresent, the temple acts as a spiritual haven amidst a world full of material entanglements and sensory pleasures. The temple and the HKCCC in this case, will provide a sanctuary for those who are seeking something more in this mundane life. It will help the patrons achieve devotee association, which is one of the key avenues for awakening our dormant love of God, love for Krishna.

The Founder Acharya of ISKCON, His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda strongly advocated the construction of temples throughout the modern world. His purpose was to make mankind realise that they are eternal parts and parcels of the Supreme Lord, and that our true home is not here, but the spiritual world. By practicing a simple life devoid of lust and greed, and chanting the holy names of the Lord, Srila Prabhupāda showed the world how one can find true and eternal happiness in the love of God. By having temples and Krishna centres embedded in our modern society, Srila Prabhupāda has given us a priceless benediction – a transcendental place in this material world to seek out the spiritual truth and further advance our journey back home – back to Godhead.

Right now there is a great opportunity for everyone to get involved and support the construction of this new centre. Either through donation of funds or helping in-kind, it is said that constructing a temple is an extraordinary activity that purifies one’s self and sets him or her steadily on the spiritual path of devotion or Bhakti. To find out more, please contact HG Vijay Gopikesh Das on 0410 076 030 or by email

Chant and Be Happy …

 Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare


180 Falcon St

North Sydney NSW 2060


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Perth Jalaram Temple Update


We are delighted to write to you about our temple and community centre project.
With the blessings of Pujya Shree Jalaram Bapa, Shree Jalaram Mandal WA (Inc) of Perth, Western Australia (herein after referred to as SJMWA), is honored to let you know that we have already acquired land on which we will be embarking to construct a temple and community centre by mid-2019 and aiming to celebrate the auspicious occasion of Jalaram Jayanti 2020 at the new Mandir.
The temple will predominantly be a Jalaram Bapa Mandir. The project, however, is also intended to cater for the religious needs of our wider Perth Hindu Community. The temple will have other Murtis alongside that of Bapa, which murtis will include Shree Ganesh, Ram Parivar, Radha-Krishna, Shiv-Parvati, Shivling, Hanumanji and Amba Maa. In addition, the temple building design will be combined to facilitate as a community centre and for this purpose the development will comprise of modern facilities including a well-equipped commercial kitchen, community hall, classrooms and a performance stage to promote cultural activities. Please see below the artist’s impression of what the temple and community centre will look like.
SJMWA have already received the building permit / approval from the City Of Wanneroo for the construction of this, our very first Jalaram Mandir and Community Centre in Perth, Western Australia.
With the building permit in place, it means that we can now proceed to begin construction and progress towards realizing our Dream of our much awaited Mandir.
The building contractor tendering process is well in progress and with blessings from you all, we will be commencing construction soon.
With the blessings of Bapa we have been fortunate enough to raise substantial liquid funding from several devotees, which funds have been contributed to us in the form of donations and interest free loans. The interest free loans are repayable as soon as possible. The project, however, still requires further funding as detailed below.
Our total funding requirement for the project is approximately AUD $3,100,000.00.
Our total collection to date is AUD $2,930,000.00. However, this sum includes the interest free loan of AUD $680,000.00. While our immediate liquidity requirements to fully fund the project bringing it to its completion is AUD $170,000.00, we also have to collect a further AUD $680,000.00 to honorably repay the interest free loan accorded to us at the earliest. Our total requirement for funding is therefore approximately AUD $850,000.00.
At this stage, we have pleasure in detailing some of the following milestones that have been achieved to date:
  • The purchase price of the land of AUD $ 1,100,000.00 has been fully paid and your Mandal (SJMWA) are the proud owners of this parcel of land. A big thank you goes to you all;
  • Building permit received to allow us to commence construction;
  • We have secured interest free loans of AUD $680,000.00; and
  • The approach to our sponsorships program to raise funding is detailed below together with its achievements to date which include:
    • Major sponsorships funding the land acquisition, various parts of the building including the main hall, dining hall, kitchen, mezzanine floor, car parking and murti pratishtha;
    • Our ‘500@50for5’ subscription program, an affordable proposition. By subscribing to this program the devotee is contributing $50.00 per month for 5 years, which equates to $3,000.00 (over 5 years) without feeling the strain of laying out all the money at once. Those adopting this option will have the benefit of standing a chance to perform the highest honor of opening the doors to the Mandir with their family’s name plaque placed at the entrance in recognition of your participation. Every $50.00 subscription will go into the draw. At this stage we already have 119 participants in this program. We continue to encourage our devotees to join this program. Please click on the link to download the brochure Download Brochure
    • One off donations, an opportunity which should not be missed. While all donations are appreciated, donations over $2,000.00 will be acknowledged with a name plaque to be placed on a prominent wall of the Mandir and Community Centre.
      • $2,000.00 to $10,000.00 – Bronze Category.
      • $10,001.00 to $50,000.00 – Silver Category.
      • $50,001 and over – Gold Category.  
Other Sponsorship Opportunities:

In addition to contributing towards the temple and community centre through any of the processes detailed above you can also choose to have the honor and privilege of sponsoring the following:

  • Yajman for foundation stone laying ceremony (Bhumi Poojan); and
  • Various equipment & appliances for the Mandir and Community Centre (very many reasonable opportunities available).
Your kind & generous donations can be made via:
  •  By credit card:
             Pay via this link: Pay by credit card
  •  Direct Bank transfer:
            Shree Jalaram Mandal of Western Australia (Inc.)
            Bank: Commonwealth Bank Australia
            Address: 201 Sussex Street, Sydney, NSW 2000.
            Account Number: 12313943
            BSB Number: 066000
            Swift Code: CTBAAU2S
Once ready, the facility will be available for hire for various functions at a nominal charge as long as the functions will fall within the guidelines of the Mandal’s policies.  
For all donations & sponsorship enquiries please contact Vinesh Lakhani.
For more information please visit our website:
Thanking you & may BAPA always shower his blessings upon you all.
Kind Regards
Vinesh Lakhani
Chairman & Temple Project Coordinator
On behalf of : The Trustees & the Managing Committee of Shree Jalaram Mandal WA (Inc.)
(T) + 61 405 323 571

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Shivaratri Celebration at Vedanta Hall – Sunday 3 March

Shivaratri Celebration
At Vedanta Hall, 15 Liverpool Rd, Croydon on Sunday 3 March.

As an offering to Shiva the Celebration commenced with group chanting of Om Namah Shivaya 108 times creating a vibrant feeling of peace.

In his speech at the event Nandu Mehta, Secretary of the Ramakrishna Sarada Vedanta Society of NSW, observed “Siva is auspiciousness condensed, it is auspiciousness in its purest form. Shivaratri means the night of auspiciousness, therefore this auspiciousness is to be observed through the contemplation of God and of our real Self.”

In her speech, President of the Society, Pravrajika Gayatriprana, explored Shiva as the meditator and what it means to us in the daily challenge of life.

“Often, when we think of Shiva, the picture that comes to us is Shiva in deep meditation or Shiva as Nataraja, the dancer. (As pictured below). What is Shiva meditating on, or, why is he meditating?

“We try to meditate because we want to gain control over our lower nature. But we are under control of nature. We must do whatever nature asks us too. Nature tells us ‘Sleep’ and however much we resist it, we fall asleep. Something good or bad happens and nature tells us ‘you laugh, you weep.’ We are forced to. We don’t have any freedom. We think that we are free beings, of course, we have freedom: we have got political freedom, we have got religious freedom, in these ways and more we are free but still we are completely under the control of nature, the playthings of nature.

“The only way to get control over nature is through meditation. As Swami Vivekananda says, ‘Meditation is the power that enables us to resist all this, our slavery to nature.’

“Shiva has got complete control over nature, but still he is meditating. What is he meditating on? His own glory. His mind is completely under control, all energies are withdrawn, his mind is calm and placid like the ripple less surface of a lake. He is meditating just for the bliss of meditation. It is said that now and then he becomes overwhelmed with the bliss and starts dancing. That is the joy of freedom.”

After the speeches all the devotees had a share of prasad.

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Half a million cows to be buried in Australia

During recent floods in the northern state of Queensland many towns were devastated. The state of Queensland also known as the sunshine state is an agricultural state with cattle farming as well as milk a major part of its economy. Cattle grazing for beef and sheep grazing for wool production is an important industry.  Queensland is the second-largest and third-most populous state in the Commonwealth of Australia with a human population of five million. Natural disasters are often a threat in Queensland.

After a prolonged drought ended in 2019 and  the rains poured like never before. As floodwaters moved through north-west Queensland to the Gulf of Carpentaria, herds of cattle drowned, others froze, while many of the animals that did survive were in such poor condition they had to be put down. This extreme weather event, equivalent to an inland cyclone, has decimated much of Queensland’s native wildlife, along with domestic livestock i.e. cows and sheep.

Cows are kept in iron fence farm segments. During a flood the cows have no where to go once they reach a barbed wire fenced boundary. Unlike wild kangaroos who can jump over fences, cows get stranded and there they died not in thousands but in hundreds of thousands. Half a million cows died during recent floods.

Cows that survived the floods were weak, struggling through the mud. After struggling in such conditions for days on end their energy was depleted and they finally became exhausted and died.

The Government is allowing regional investment corporation to develop concessional loans for farmers. It will enable farmers to refinance existing debt and offer access to loans for restocking by using the stock as collateral.

The Government is also providing cash subsidies to farmers to bury half a million dead cows.

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Australians celebrate Maha Shivratri in Sydney

By: Anmol Puri.

Art of Living in Sydney celebrated Mahashivratri with a soulful satsang at Dundas Community Centre followed by home cooked vegetarian dinner which also catered for those who were fasting. More than 60 people attended the satsang and were blissed by the soulful bhajans (devotional chanting) sung by Art of Living singers accompanied by guitar and djembe players. The energy was so high that many could not help getting up and dancing and moving to the melodious music. Satsang was followed by a short pooja and meditation. The event was attended by followers of Art of Living devotees from all cultures, religions and countries joined as they always do for Art of Living events.

Mahashivratri is a special festival for all spiritual seekers as it is believed that on this night, Shiva (which is pure consciousness) comes in contact with Prakriti (manifest physical world) which is a great occasion for us to go deep within. Most temples in Australia had put up a special program going until midnight for devotees to pray to Lord Shiva on this important day.

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