Thank you For your faithfulness and dedication

By: A recipient of Help from Hindu Benevolent fund of Hindu Council of Australia.

I had long ago accepted that I was getting fed up, lonely and tired being away from India, being single and away from my family for more than 18 months with all these lockdowns, losing a job and the devastating state of my daily needs and financial situation . Since the recent rule changes from Centrelink I was unable to claim even the jobseeker or other benefits being a new 2 years old permanent resident need to wait another 2 years to claim.
In this critical situation Hindu Council members have come forward like a family to support me morally and for my basic needs for survival. Just wanted to thank and make sure that Hindu Council and the entire team know how thankful I am for giving me all the things needed in this crisis situation without a second thought and standing by my side in this country. A special thanks to Sreenadh Brahmapuram Uncle went beyond and even spoke to my mom on phone giving her hope and confidence when she is worried that I am alone, jobless and unable to come to India with these strict border closures. Uncle even told my mom he and Hindu Council is always there to protect me and help me in this pandemic crisis and whatever the situations come along.
I went the best way possible to take the help with so much hesitation. But Hindu Council opened their arms and welcomed me with great support, care, kindness and gave me strength by standing like a pillar by my side. It enabled me, as I’m sure so many others, the ability to try to get better and not succumb to the situation. Have renewed hope.
You and your team were the only team who could understand people like us when no one did. When we could not make up bills for our daily living, you saw our pain and without a second thought guided us right with your selfless service regardless of ethnicity, gender, creed and ability.
With great privilege from the bottom of my heart, I Thank You.
May God Richly Bless You.
For the Family.

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