Minor parties stand on Religions

As we head towards the NSW State Election on March 25, your vote as a person of faith makes a difference.

In order to help you think through the issues from a faith perspective, faith leaders and Better Balanced Futures worked together to organise a series of Q&A sessions with the various parties. Hindu Council of Australia is a member of the interfaith group Better Balanced Futures.

You will have already heard of the town hall style meetings we ran with the Coalition and the ALP. If you haven’t had a chance to do so yet, you can still see the recordings here:

Coalition: https://stream.crystalproductions.com.au/SEFG2023/

ALP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-NlyY6LIfgc

We also offered the opportunity to the minor parties (Greens, One Nation, Animal Justice Party and Shooters, Fishers and Farmers) to join us on Zoom for a Q&A. While the Greens and the Animal Justice Party chose not to take up that opportunity, One Nation and the Shooters Fishers Farmers did – and we are grateful that they took the time to engage with the faith communities in this way on the issues that are important to us. You can watch these recordings to hear them answer the same questions on issues that matter to people of faith and find out where they stand. Each recording goes for about 50 mins.

Shooters Fisher and Farmers: https://vimeo.com/808165248/4a2961b423

One Nation: https://vimeo.com/808595844/352caf19fc

Please take the time to investigate where these parties stand and make an informed decision. You are welcome to share this with family and friends, and others in your faith communities

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