Deepavali Fair-The Indian Festival of Ligths,2007

The Indian Festival of Lights, is the most widely celebrated festival  of the people from the Indian sub-continent and across the whole world.  Deepavali means rows of lights, it is the festival symbolising victory  of good over evil, light over darkness, and knowledge over ignorance.  Though there are many mythological explanations to this wonderful  festival, however, in the current world what the festival of lights  really stands for is a reaffirmation of hope, a renewed commitment to  friendship, religious tolerance, spreading the word of peace and  harmony and above all, celebration of “simple joys of life”.
The Hindu Council of Australia, a national body representing all Australian Hindus (over 100,000), has been celebrating this festival of lights for the past seven years on a large scale. Last year more than 20,000 people attended the whole day of festivities at the Sydney Olympic Park.

This year again Deepavali fair will be held at the Fairfield Showground, Praireiwood, NSW, on Sunday, the 21st October 2007. To enjoy the variety of cultural activities and the delicious Indian food from various regions of India, you are invited to come and join us in the festivities

This is the biggest gathering of people of Indian origin. Lots of people of multi-ethnic background also come to share the richness of the Indian culture and the variety of sumptuous food items. One of the attractions of the Deepavali fair is the burning of the effigy of the Demon King Ravana followed by Fireworks display. The program will finish around 8:30 pm with a fantastic display of fireworks.
You can participate by becoming a sponsor of the fair, or by setting up a stall to sell food items or other general items of interest. You can also advertise in the coloured Souvenir, which is a collector’s item, containing lots of informative articles. You can advertise on the giant display screen, cheapest means to publicise your company products to a crowd of over 20,000 people
Given below are the icons for accessing the application forms for participating in the fair:
 Stalls – Click here to download a form to book a stall for selling food and other items.
Souvenir – Click here to download a form to advertise in the coloured souvenir.

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