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A brief syllabus of the course “Introduction to Hinduism” is given below.

Introduction (Sanatan dharma, Definitions, Denominations and Diversity, Unity, Colonial influences), Beliefs, Purusharthas, Philosophies,  Karma, Moksha, Concept of God, Traditions, Symbols, Scriptures, Rituals and Ceremonies, Rites of Passage, Bhakti, Festivals, Pilgrimage, Varnas, Yoga,  Ahimsa, Vegetarianism, Temples, Ashramas of Life, Sanyasa, , Attitude of others, Hinduism in Australia.

Course Lessons

There are following lessons in this course.

How to study this course

Welcome to the study of an introductory course on Hinduism conducted by Hindu Council of Australia. This is a self study course.  You have to study each lesson and then answer the quiz for that lesson. Upon successful passing of all the Quiz with at least passing marks, you have successfully completed the course and are eligible for the award of a “Introduction to Hinduism” certificate by Hindu Council of Australia.

You have to study each lesson and pass all quiz to complete this course. 

Each lesson is followed by a quiz. You will find a “To-do Test/Exam” link at the bottom of each lesson to take you to the quiz. 

Each quiz has a set of questions. The quiz shows one question at a time. A question is explained followed by a number of choices as answers to the question. You have to tick the choice that corresponds to the correct answer to that question. 

After you have answered a question, you will be shown next question and its choices of answers. You have to keep answering all the questions till the end.

When you have answered all the questions, the system will work out your grade and show it to you. The system will also send you an email explaining correct answer to each question.

If your grade is not up to the mark (i.e. it is not A or B), you need to study the lesson again and take the quiz again. You can take a quiz as many times as you want. Once you have passed a lesson (grade A or B), you will be deemed to have passed the lesson. On passing all lessons, you have completed all requirements and are ready to download your Certificate.

Register for the course

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This course has been prepared by Surinder Jain with advice and contribution from Pandit Ram Ramanuja Achari.  Special thanks to Wikipedia whose material including images have been used.


If you need any help or would like to contact a course administrator, please click here  or email us at ecourse @

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