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The Hindu Council of Australia and the Strathfield Council are hosting a unique ‘Diwali’ themed art exhibition at Strathfield’s High Street Library.

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The Diwali art space exhibition will be inaugurated by the Mayor of Strathfiled on 7thNovember 2018 with catering and flyers provided by the Library. The exhibition will continue until 20th November 2018. The idea is to promote Diwali theme art work so that art buyers can see the art work and purchase it directly from the artists. Entire proceeds of the art work will go directly to the artist as neither Hindu Council nor the Library will charge any commission. The space will also be provided free of cost. All that the artists have to do is, bring their art work paintings, display them and wait for it to be appreciated and sometimes sold.

Here is the list of Art Work that is going to be exhibited :


# Name of Artist Paintings # Non-Painting # Remarks
1 Aarav Sharath Akshaya Paintings on sheets 2     Under 18
2 Amanpreet Sharma Sheets on frame 1      
3 Amisha Arora Sheets on frame 1      
4 Amruta Jagtap (Amy) Paintings 1      
5 Dr. Aruna Kumari Ranguri Framed Paintings 4      
6 Ayesha Jadhwani Unframed Paintings 1      
7 Harpreet Kaur Unframed Paintings 1      
8 Jaya (Art class) Paintings on sheets 8     Under 18
9 Jyotsna Amit Takle FRAMED Quilling Artwork 3      
10 Meenakshi Lakshmanan Paintings 5 Jewellery 10  
11 Mittu Gopalan Sheets on frame 1      
12 Naga Chamarty Framed Paintings 4      
13 Neha Bharadwaj Rai Sheets on frame 3      
14 Nivedita Agarwal Unframed Paintings 6      
15 Polina Van Houten Canvas Sheets 2      
16 Dr Priya Mehrotra FRAMED Paintings 2 Candle Stands 1  
17 Sadhana Desai Painting 1      
18 Shelly Chopra FRAMED Paintings 7      
19 Shilpa Sodal Sheets on frame 4      
21 Shweta Bhargava Framed Paintings 3      
22 Sifat Chowdhury Sheets on frame 3      
23 Vaishali Hingmire     Ceramic Work 1  
24 Vaishali Patole Unframed Paintings 2      
TOTAL     65      





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