Hindu Chaplaincy

Hindu Council proides Hindu chaplaincy services in hospitals, Jails and Universities to provide emotional spiritual counseling to University students.

NSW – Hospital chaplaincy in Sydney (Contact : Jayanthi Jayramanan jayanthi@hinducouncil.com.au )

NSW Jails Chaplaincy (Contact : Jayanthi Jayramanan jayanthi@hinducouncil.com.au)

VIC – Hospital Chaplaincy in Melbourne (Contact : Makarand Bhagwat melbourne@hinducouncil.com.au)

NSW – University Chaplaincy in WSU and UTS (Contact : Bhupinder Chhabra bhupinder@hinducouncil.com.au)

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What is Hindu Chaplaincy

Hindu Council offers scholarships to train as a Hindu Chaplain

Download an Application form to apply for the Scholarship

Find a Hindu Chaplain near you

Are you a Hindu Chaplain? Get registered in our database so that people in need can locate you

Information Resources for Hindu Chaplains

Contact Hindu Council’s Chaplaincy Committee

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