Karma Kitchen new project: community dinners at Australian universities

Karma Kitchen has extended its dinner program to university students in NSW and WA. We started this as a pilot program earlier in the year and now running as a regular program. This was introduced to complement our Hindu Counsellors (chaplaincy) program in universities. 

This also gives us an opportunity to guide and support newly starting students both local and international. Hindu students can stay close to culture and access the Hindu way of pastoral support through Hindu Counsellors (Chaplains).

Currently, the community dinner is provided at the University of Western Sydney, South Campus every Tuesday from 6 pm to 8 pm.

A lot of International students who struggle to cook at home or miss home-cooked meals love the meals we provide and eagerly look forward to them. 

We are planning to extend this to other Australian universities soon. But to extend this to more universities we need a lot of community involvement whether it is volunteering, sponsorships or people who want to cook tasty home-cooked meals for 100+ hungry students.

Please email Karma Kitchen at hkk@hinducouncil.com.au and Hindu Chaplains at cht@hinducouncil.com.au.

Bank account for donations: 

Hindu Karma Kitchen 

Commonwealth Bank of Australia 

BSB 062004

Account 10447012

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