Volunteer Registration

We are a volunteer organization and always looking for people to help in various activities such as event planning, outreach programs, website management, marketing and similar activities.

We will be happy to hear from you if you are interested in joining us, please do let us know how you can contribute




    NoYes - Decorations - To help do the decorations

    NoYes Digital Marketing - To do the digital marketing

    Noyes Videography - To do videography

    noyes Choreography - To do choreography

    NoYes - Cultural Teams - To manage cultural performances for all locations, Liaising with dance schools & performers *

    NoYes - Volunteer Coordination - To arrange volunteers for various Deepavali 2019 teams *

    NoYes - Ticketing Team - To manage ticket windows, entry gates and ticket scanning on the day *

    NoYes - Media Team - To manage media *

    NoYes - Sponsorship, Marketing & New Business development (Independent working) Team - To manage sponsorship accounts, developing new business/sponsorship, manage marketing *

    NoYes - Account Team - Stall reporting, Invoicing, Bank Statement reconciliation, Debtors, Creditors, Supplier Payments, Expense Reimbursements *

    NoYes - Reception & Information Team - Manage reception stall, coordinate volunteers, Food circulation on the day *

    NoYes - Transport & Cartage (including Bump in & Bump out) Transportation of Cultural participants items, stall material, disabled & old age people, Bump in & Bump out *

    NoYes - Logistics & Progress - Keep track of work progress *

    NoYes - Catering & Food Management for VIP / HCA teams *

    NoYes - VIP team – VIP List, VIP RSVP, Follow Ups, Logistic info sharing, Discussion with Respective offices, Social media promo clips *

    NoYes - VIP Team on the day – (Seating, VIP marquee, entry passes to VIP area and marquee) *

    NoYes - Any work

    Message :


    The Hindu Council of Australia
    17 The Crescent, Homebush NSW 2140


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