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Hindu Council of Australia is a peak body organisation founded in 1998 with an aim to create a strong and unified Hindu community in Australia. Since HCA was founded, it has been acting as a representative of the Hindu community in Australia in dealing with the federal, state and local governments, apart from reaching out to other Hindu organisations and institutions.


Hindu Council of Australia’s mission is to work for a strong, cohesive and active Hindu community in Australia, aiming to live in harmony with other religious and cultural communities while also devoted to preserving, promoting and sharing Hindu faith, culture and traditions with others in the society.


  • Preserve, promote and share Hindu religious values and culture in Australia
  • Unite Hindu faith, cultural organisations and groups in Australia
  • Represent Hindu community in its dealings with Australian Federal, State and Local Government bodies
  • Expand and strengthen links between Hindu organisations throughout Australia by creating effective communication and collaborative networking
  • Advocate for the religious, cultural, social and educational needs of Hindus in Australia
  • Celebrate religious and cultural festivals, exhibitions and programs
  • Educate and support Hindu youth in all aspects of their growth and empowerment
  • Promote harmony and understanding between Hindu and other faiths in Australia through inter-faith dialogue
  • Provide information for understanding of Hindu traditions, culture, philosophy and theology in Australia.



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