Chaplain’s code of conduct

All chaplains at Hindu Council of Australia (HCA) are at all times expected to behave as persons occupying and exercising a position of trust. Our chaplaincy’s commitments to users are:

  • To be courteous, caring and professional at all times.
  • To be fair and impartial.
  • Respecting the individual’s right to their convictions and beliefs.
  • Avoiding at all times proselytising activities.
  • To treat all visitors and users as individuals and respect their privacy.
  • To treat all complaints seriously and act upon them as required.

This code of conduct incorporates guidelines to which all HCA chaplains must adhere.

  • Chaplains must respect trust, privacy and confidentiality.
  • There will be occasions when chaplains need to confer with their colleagues in the chaplaincy team. In such cases, chaplains must alert the individuals who confide in them, of the limits of confidentiality especially where the safety, security and wellbeing of third parties are concerned.
  • In their service and ministry, chaplains must observe the overriding principle of neither trying to nor actually taking advantage of those they serve for personal, sexual, financial, institutional or political purposes.
  • Chaplains should be aware that those to whom they provide pastoral care and/or spiritual advice may also require assistance from by other services such as counselling.
  • Where a situation arises in which the Chaplain is aware that their religion permits them to take only one view of such affairs, the Chaplain should make individuals aware that such other services are available.
  • Chaplains will respect and where possible encourage the independence, autonomy and self-determination of those entrusted to their care.
  • Chaplains will behave collegially with other chaplains in the team.
  • All Chaplains will also follow HCA’s Volunteers code of conduct.


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