Hindu Education

Hindu council promotes education of Hinduism among Hindu children in schools and about Hinduism to general Australian public.

Hindu Council

  1. Provides educational courses and certificates on courses on Hinduism. You can join the free courses by clicking here and Study an online course on Introduction to Hinduism (FREE).
  2. Represents Hinduism at the NSW department of Education’s Consultative Committee on Special Religious Education (SRE). It has been recognized as an SRE provider in the state of NSW. It provides voluntary teachers to teach Hinduism classes in state schools of NSW. Click here to know more about Special Religious Education (Hindu SRE) in the state of New South Wales.
  3. Hindu Council runs special one off courses on Hinduism for its members from time to time.
  4. Provides a review and consultation on study books on Hinduism in NSW
  5. Promotes sustainable living by advocating reduction in meat consumption


Recent Activities

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