HCA invites community to participate in Hindu Pulse

The Hindu Council of Australia welcomes the community to send us articles, stories, success stories, events etc., related to Hindus. You can also send us news about current affairs that might affect Hindus in Australia and local Hindu events.

Articles can also be around our religious texts or explanations/significance of our practices, works of great poets or Rishis and munies.

Hindus have always demonstrated acts of selflessness, altruism and generosity towards others, embodying the spirit of community service and compassion. Many of us go above and beyond to make a positive difference in the lives of others without personal gain or recognition. So send us articles about the good samaritans who are spreading good work and making a positive impact in the community by upholding our values and upbringing.

What we DO not want is, anything that is irrelevant to Australian Hindus, nothing that depicts hate or anger for other communities.

We want your writeups to inspire the community to learn more, follow the culture & bring positivity and also inspire the community at large.

Articles will be moderated before publishing and it is HCA’s discretion whether to publish.

Please email your writeups to editor@hinducouncil.com.au

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