Streets of Colour: A Powerful Film about banning Nazi symbols Gains Recognition and Nominations

The story of racism and its impact has been told by a film “Streets of Colour”. It led to the enactment of the Crimes Amendment (Nazi Symbols and Salutes) Bill 2023.  The bill banned Nazi hate symbols and freed sacred Hindu Swastika from its self imposed prison. Hindu Council had worked with other organisations to help bring the Bill about.

The effort to enact the law was spearheaded by Dr Joe McGirr MP the Independent member for Wagga Wagga with robust backing from esteemed organisations, including The NSW Jewish Board of Deputies, The Hindu Council of Australia and The Joint Justice Initiative, representing The Armenian National Committee of Australia, The Assyrian National Council of Australia and The Hellenic Council of Australia.

The film is readily accessible on YOUTUBE at Streets of Colour – YouTube

The film had a special screening at The Parliament of NSW on the 20th September . A recording of the speeches and Q & A session from the ‘Streets of Colour’ event can be viewed at

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