Narasimha Jayanti wishes

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HCA invites community to participate in Hindu Pulse

The Hindu Council of Australia welcomes the community to send us articles, stories, success stories, events etc., related to Hindus. You can also send us news about current affairs that might affect Hindus in Australia and local Hindu events. Articles can also be around our religious texts or explanations/significance of our practices, works of great poets […]

Bhoodana Yagna for Hindu Educational and Cultural Centre (HEACC)

Bhoodan Yagna     Related Images:

Chaitra Sukhladi Hindu festival

By: Surinder Jain. Chaitra Sukhladi is a significant Hindu festival that marks the beginning of the traditional New Year and the harvest season. It is celebrated on the first day of the Hindu month of Chaitra, which usually falls in March or April. This year, Chaitra Sukhladi will be celebrated on April 9, 2024[7]. The […]

Introduction to Hinduism – ecourse

HCA added Introduction to Hinusim ecourse a while ago and is open to everyone to learn. This course is aimed at Non-Hindus as well as Hindus to understand some basics of Hinduism. A brief syllabus of the course “Introduction to Hinduism” is given below. Introduction (Sanatan dharma, Definitions, Denominations and Diversity, Unity, Colonial influences), Beliefs, […]

Mahashivaratri 2024 Uncovered: The Date Mystery in Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji!

💥BREAKING THE MYTHS💥: Ever been puzzled by the different dates of Mahashivaratri in Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji? 🌏🤔 You’re not alone! This year, we’re setting the record straight for Mahashivaratri 2024. 📅✅ Dive into this video as we unravel the mystery behind these varying dates due to time zone differences and regional traditions. 🕰️🌐 […]

Voluntary Assisted Dying and Hindu Council of Australia

By: Surinder Jain. Voluntary assisted dying schemes have been in effect in the following states; -Victoria since 19 June 2019, -Western Australia since 1 July 2021, -Tasmania since 23 October 2022, -Queensland since 1 January 2023, -South Australia since 31 January 2023 and -New South Wales since 28 November 2023. [1] An eligible person can […]

Brahma Shri Dr Samavedam Shanmukha Sharma Pravachan

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HCA press release on Shri Ram Janmbhoomi Mandir

Congratulations to all of us who have been waiting for centuries for this moment. Ram Lalla finally returned home to establish Rama Rajya in the Ayodhya and the Bharat Varsh. This ecstatic moment and the epoch-making of the Punar-Uddharana ceremony i.e., the re-consecration of the Ram Lalla Mandir at Ayodhya after five centuries. The Pran […]

Shri Ram Janmbhoomi Pran Pratishta events organised by HCA

  Related Images:

Rongali Bihu and Jetuka

Article by Shrutidhara Kaushik, Sydney                                                                                                      […]

Pundit Kedarnath Vyas who kept up the fight to save Kashi Vishwanatha

The name of the elderly hero in this photo is Kedar Nath Vyas.. It is only because of his family that Hindus today have the opportunity to worship at the Gnanavapi temple. Court allowed worship at Vyas Ji Ka Tahkhana in Gnanavapi Temple. His family has been worshiping Kashi Vishwanath since 1580. After the destruction […]

Dhanurmasam / Margashira month

Dhanurmasa, Dhanur Month, which falls from mid-December to mid-January is considered Shooonya Masam or Kharmas. Dhanurmas 2023 – 2024 begins on December 17, 2023 and ends on January 14, 2024. Dhanur Masam is considered inauspicious in some regions. Only prayers and godly functions are performed during the period. The importance of Dhanurmasam is mentioned in […]

Chant Geeta, Enchant Krishna!

National Geeta Chanting Competition 2024 – Chinmaya Mission Australia Related Images:


Indra’s wife Indrani used to have a parrot as a pet and loved it at a lot. One day the parrot got sick. Indrani showed the parrot to the doctor. The doctor said that it would be difficult for the parrot to survive. Hearing that, Indrani rushed to Indra..! “I don’t know what you will […]

Stop desecration of Hare Krishna Gokula Farm in Hunters Valley NSW

Haribol Gaur Nitai,  Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Prabhupada. Thanks very much for coming on board to help with our campaign to stop the NSW Government’s proposal to build 70metre towers on our New Gokula property at 83 Lewis Road, Millfield to run a massive 500 kilovolt transmission power line – If […]

A true story that gives goosebumps

This is a real story that stood in history as the example of bhakti in Kaliyuga. A story that raises hair and is unbelievable. It is unbelievable because Bhagwan Shiva appeared and helped a Britisher who has no connection to Sanatana Dharma or no belief in Bhagwan Shiva, a Britisher who practices Christianity. This is […]

Divine Amla tree (Indian gooseberry)

Akshaya Navami Fasting Amla tree sis divine as per the puranas. According to our ancestors one will get endless virtue by praying to Amla tree Many communities celrbrate Akshaya Navami on the 9th day after Deepaali and pray to Amala tree. People believe that Akshya Navami will gets you self realisation. Its virtous to do […]

Landscape of Hindu Education in Australia – 2023

Hindu studies by Hindu community Hindus have arrived in large numbers very recently in Australia. There are about one million Hindus in Australia mainly coming from Indian, Fiji, Nepal and Malaysia, majority of whom are first generation migrants. Hindus are growing at a rapid rate due to migration and are stretched to provide basic temple […]

Did Shri Ram use Brahmastra on a crow?

Do you know that Shri Ram used Brahmastr on a little crow? There is a proverb called  ‘Brahmastra on a crow’ Hard to believe is it? Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram using a weapon, that too Brahmstra on a crow? No way. But Valmiki Ramayan says yes. While Shri Ram and Sita Devi were in exile, […]

Streets of Colour: A Powerful Film about banning Nazi symbols Gains Recognition and Nominations

The story of racism and its impact has been told by a film “Streets of Colour”. It led to the enactment of the Crimes Amendment (Nazi Symbols and Salutes) Bill 2023.  The bill banned Nazi hate symbols and freed sacred Hindu Swastika from its self imposed prison. Hindu Council had worked with other organisations to […]

How a Maharishe’s wife Kandali became Kadali Phalam

Many of you must be wondering what is Kadali Phalam. Many of us know the word at least from the Hindu rituals where we present Kadali Phalam to Bhagwan as Naivedyam. Let’s find out. This is a story that tells us that excessive anger, short temper and desire never have a good ending. In ancient […]

What is Prasada or Hindu Religious Food

Prasāda, prasadam or prasad is a religious offering in Hinduism. Prasad is cooked in large quantities during major festivals.  Deepavali is one such festival during which Prasad is cooked for thousands of devotees and requires more Pujaris (priests) than other times. Most often Prasada is vegetarian food especially cooked for devotees after praise and thanksgiving to a god. Mahaprasada (also called bhandarā),[1] is the consecrated […]

Durga Puja-2023 in Darwin, Northern Territory

.                                    Related Images:

Help Australia Today fight the legal battle to defend what is right

Dear Friends, I hope this message finds you well. Today, I come to you with a deeply personal appeal—one that speaks to the core of our values and the pursuit of justice. As many of you know, Australia Today has been engaged in a legal battle that carries immense significance, not just for me but […]

No “Hindu hand” behind Brisbane temple attack, Queensland Police confirms

Police have so far not been able to find out who was behind the temple attack and will resume the investigation if or when they get further information. Related Images:

International Bindi/Tilak Day 2023

October 15 is being observed as International Bindi Day by Hinduism Worldwide INC in collaboration with the Hindu Council of Australia, the Global Hindu Federation, UMHV (United Malaysian Hindu Voice),  and other organisations. The programme is supported by HSS (Hindu Swayamsevak Sangha), Overseas Friends of BJP, Sewa Australia, Virat Hindustan Sangam, International Arya Samaj, Natyanivedan, […]

Graduate Certificate Course in Counsellor of Hindu Tradition (CHT): 2023-2024 – Expression of Interest

Register today to become Counsellors of Hindu Tradition (CHT). Each year classes start in October. The 9-month Saturday/Sunday CHT course will make you a trained volunteer for community service to facilitate your pursuit of Vedic chaplaincy The duration of the course is 24 weeks, 4 hours weekly (2 to 3 classes weekly) a month broadly […]

All Hindu temples – Please apply for federal funding to secure your temple

Applications are now open for the Albanese Government’s Securing Faith-Based Places grant program. You may recall that during the event to host Indian PM Modi, our PM Anthony Albanese had announced a grant of $40 million for safety and security of places of faith. The funding round is now open. Please enter your application asap […]

Paada Yatra, 30th Septmber 2023   Related Images:

Invitation for Bhoomi Puja, Sri Shivajyothi Devasthanam

  Namaskaram, We hope this message finds you well. This is a friendly reminder about the upcoming Bhoomi Pooja event, scheduled to take place on 9th September 2023 at 10 Beddek Street, McGraths Hill NSW from 8:30 AM onwards. We are delighted to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who have already registered for this event and […]

Bhoomi Pooja, Sri Venkata Krishna Vrundavana

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Balarama Jayanti & Jhulan Yatra by ISKCON, Sydney

Related Images:

Sydney shakti Temple, Mariamman Koolu Puja

Related Images:

Sri Durga Temple, Melbourne celebrating Indian Independence day

Related Images:

Garbha Night at Sri Durga Temple, Melbourne

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HTCC is installing 1008 Shiva Lingams

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Grand celebration of Vara Maha Lakshmi Vrata & Kumkuma Archana (1008 times)

Namaskara! By the grace of  Sri Hari Vayu Gurugalu and blessings of Sri Sri Sugunendra Teertha Swami ji under the auspices of Sri Venkata Krishna Vrundhavana Sydney (SVKVS) is pleased to invite you for the grand celebration of Vara Maha Lakshmi Vrata by performing VaraMaha Lakshmi Pooja & Kumkuma Archane (1008 times) on Saturday  the […]

Janmashtami by ISKCON, St Kilda, Melbourne

Related Images:

Ramayana Doll-Exhibition at Pilbara

Ramayana – The Journey of Shri Ram The Hindu Association of Pilbara Inc. (HAP) in collaboration with the Hindu Council of Australia (HCA) presents this miniature exhibition that gives a glimpse of the ‘Journey of Shri Ram’, the life story of the central character in one of the worlds’ very first poetic epics, Ramayana.   […]

Securing Faith-Based Places – Grant opportunity

This grant opportunity contributes to the Attorney-General’s Department outcome. Complete the application form, addressing all the eligibility and assessment criteria set out in the guidelines in order for your application to be considered. Applications will be assessed against the eligibility criteria and the applicant will be notified of whether are eligible. Then all eligible applications […]

SHAKTI MAHA YAGNYA on the auspicious occasion of Gupta Navratra 2023

Related Images:

Rathayatra – Festival of Chariots

Open invitation to everyone to come and participate in the Rathayatra  Venue: Bigge Park, Liverpool Date & Time: Saturday, 24th June 2023, 10:00 am Lord Jaganatha has again agreed to personally come and give darshan to everyone in the famous city of Liverpool on Saturday, 24th June 2023 at 10 am.  Ratha Yatra, the festival of the chariots, […]

Shadow Multicultural Minister Mark Coure and Councillors saddened by act of hatred against BAPS Hindu temple

Last week I visited BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha temple at Rosehill with the local Hindu community and local councillors Reena Jethi and Barbara Ward and was deeply saddened by the vandalism on the temple walls.   From Left to Right : Shyam Gohil BAPS, Councillor Barbara Ward, Councillor Reena Jethi, Shadow Minister Mark Coure, Kunal Patel […]

Minister Chris Bowen on BAPS Hindu temple vandalism Related Images:

Swami Paramananda Saraswati Meditation Sessions

Related Images:

Pujya Swami Swaroopananda (Global Head, Chinmaya Mission) tour

Related Images:

Vedas: The 4 Vedas in Hindi, English, Telugu | PDF Download

BY SUNIL DAMAN The Vedas are among the oldest sacred texts in the world. Composed in the dawn of human philosophy and thought, they are an integral part of humanity’s history. Below are the links to download the 4 Vedas as PDF, in English, Hindi and Telugu. Related Images:

Holiest Of Holies Katas Raj Temple Chakwal Pakistan

Katas raj Temple is a Hindu temple complex situated in Katas village near Choa Saidan Shah in the Chakwal District of Punjab Pakistan.       Significance of Katas Raj Temple Complex, Chakwal This complex of temples that includes Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist places of worship. Every one of the seven Hindu temples represents a different sect […]

1st Paada Yatra for 2023 is on 7th April

Join Paada Yatra on 7th April 2023.  Celebrate our age-old traditions and take them forward to the younger generation to practice Sanatana Dharma. HCA started this walk in 2012 t not just to continue the tradition of pilgrimage on foot but also to get the Hindu youth to join in and participate in the traditions.  […]

Holi message from Hon Michelle Rowland MP – Minister for Communication

Related Images:

Media Statement – Continuing vilification attacks on Hindus in Australia

Related Images:

Gargi Awards nominations 2023

The nominations close date extended to 8th March. Click here to nominate an Australian woman who excelling in her field and inspiring the community Related Images:

Support Counsellor of Hindu Traditions

Hindu Council of Australia in support of the Counsellor of Hindu Tradition (CHT) program which aims in delivering Vedic Chaplaincy. The program is aimed at developing skills in Hindu traditions, spiritual care, counselling essentials and wellness services which helps in Enhancing Quality of Life. Graduates of this program are ready to serve the community as […]

MESSAGE FROM THE HON. MARK COURE MP – Minister for Multiculturalism – Holi 2023

Related Images:

Joint Statement from the Premier of NSW, the Hon. Dominic Perrottet MP and Minister for Multiculturalism, the Hon. Mark Coure MP

Related Images:

Safety & Security at places of worship and religious festivals

Related Images:

Maha Kumbabishegam Volunteer request for Sri Venkateswara Temple Helensburgh

  Dear Devotee(s), Sri Venkateswara Temple depends and thrives on the dedicated involvement of volunteers to assist the Management in conducting and performing the daily activities of the temple. Your efforts in keeping the temple precincts and the adjoining areas clean and tidy, upkeeping the Archana bowls and Prasada utensils by washing them at regular […]

Yadagirgutta Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Darshanam

Blessed is Australia and blessed are us, Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy is here to bless us all. The Hindu Council of Australia is very happy to be part of this program of bringing the deities of Yadadri  (Yadagirgutta, Telangana)  Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy to Sydney Australia and performing a celestial wedding on Saturday, 11th February […]

Will Hinduism grow into an universal religion in Australia

What is Meant by Universal Religion? Each religion is characterised by its history, rituals, mythology, and philosophy which are not shared by other religions. Other non-Hindu religions all offer only one pathway for everyone to follow—they cannot be ideal universal religions. Swami Vivekananda has extensively dealt with the idea of Universal Religion. These ideas are […]

What’s On January 2023 Sri Venkateswara Temple Helensburgh

Sri Venkateswara Temple Helensburgh What’s On – Monthly Update JANUARY 2023   DATE DAY FUNCTION PROGRAMME 01/01/2023 Sunday New Year’s Day 06.00am: Ganapathy Homam, ViseshaAbishekam for Sri VarasidhiVinayakar&MahaDeeparadhanai. Alankaram to all shrines. Continuous Archanas from 08.00am to 07.00pm. 02/01/203 Monday Vaikunta Ekadasi 09.00am: Swarga VaasalDharisanam ViseshaAbhishekam for Sri Venkateswarar, Alankaram, MahaDeeparadhana, Special Poojas and Archanas, […]

Tulasi Pujan in Perth 25th Dec 2022

Hindu Council of Australia WA Chapter invites you for Tulasi Pujan on 25th December 2022. See details below. Related Images:

Festivals in the commencing week (17th Dec – 23rd Dec)

Saphala Ekadashi – 20th December Budha Pradosha Vratam – 21st December Anvadhan and Ishti – 23rd & 24th December   Saphala Ekadashi: Tuesday, December 20, 2022. Ekadashi Tithi Begins – 09:02 AM on Dec 19, 2022 Ekadashi Tithi Ends – 08:02 AM on Dec 20, 2022 Parana (breaking the fast) Time – 21st Dec, 05:41 AM to 06:15 AM Parana (breaking the fast) Day Dwadashi End Moment […]

Spiritual Evening Discussion – 16th December 2022

Spiritual Evening Discussion Friday 16 December, 7.00 – 8.45 pm FINAL DISCUSSION FOR THE YEAR Led by Pravrajika Gayatriprana Join us for Silent Meditation at Vedanta Hall, 15 Liverpool Road, Croydon, from 7 pm or via Zoom from 7.30 pm: The theme for Discussion: The Beatitudes Spiritual Teachings of Jesus in the Light of […]

Proposed Baldivis Hindu temple application given the go-ahead

Long-held plans for a Hindu Temple in Baldivis have finally been approved by the State Government’s Joint Development Assessment Panel after several knock-backs from Rockingham Council and the panel. The development application for a proposed Place of Worship at Lot 53 (no. 67) Folly Road Baldivis was initially put before Rockingham Council for the first […]

Park in Canada renamed as Shri Bhagavad Gita Park

ONTARIO’S Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown, Councillors and members of the community gathered on Tuesday to unveil the renaming of the city’s Troyers Park to Shri Bhagavad Gita Park. Related Images:

Bhagavad Gita Fortnightly Class/ Discussion – 9 December 2022

Bhagavad Gita Discussion Date & Time: Friday 9 December, 7.00 – 8.45 pm Venue: Vedanta Hall, 15 Liverpool Road, Croydon Speaker: Pravrajika Gayatriprana Join us for Silent Meditation from 7 pm or via Zoom from 7.30 pm: Topics for Discussion:  Chapter 8 – The Way to the Imperishable Brahman  – Verses 17 – 18:  […]

Gita Jayanthi Celebrations in Perth- 4th Dec

Gita Jayanthi Celebrations – 4th Dec Wilson Community Hall, Wilson, Perth 9:00 AM Jai Srimannarayana! With the blessings of Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji We welcome you all to join us for the Divine Moments of Gita Chanting All registered participants will receive a pdf copy of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita and will […]

UTSAV, A Celebration of Folk Dances of India on 18th March 2023 at UNSW

Hindu Council of Australia (HCA) in support of the Counsellor of Hindu Tradition (CHT) program presents   “UTSAV”    A celebration of folk dances of India by Hamsa Venkat & Samskriti School of Dance   Event Details: Date & Time: Saturday 18th March 2023,  6.15 PM to 9 PM Venue: The Science Theatre, Univ of NSW, Kensington NSW […]

Australian Hindu chaplains selected at GTU, USA with Fellowship

We are delighted to announce 3 Australian Hindus who have graduated from the Counsellors of Hindu Tradition(CHT) course selected for Graduate Theological Union (GTU) USA.  CHT course conducted by the Hindu Council of Australia, in partnership with Hindu Community Institute (USA) offers courses in Counsellor programs (Counsellor of Hindu Tradition) in Australia. Selected counsellors from […]

Gita Mahotasav: Spiritual Counsellors for Hindus

Times of India’s article about importance of training spiritual counsellors for Hindus Training spiritual counsellors for Hindus To meet the needs of counsellors for Hindus, the Hindus of North America started the Hindu Community Institute (HCI) in San Francisco Bay Area in 2018. The HCI’s mission is to train a nucleus of counsellors, which would […]

Want to become a Counsellor to serve the Hindu Community?

Did you know that the Hindu Council of Australia has been running special online programs to develop counsellors of Hindu tradition to serve the community better? This popular course has been running in its second year in partnership with HCI-USA. You too can be qualified to deliver community service in a professional way. For enquiries, […]

What are good Muhurtas & bad Muhurtas / Muhurats?

It is an ancient Hindu tradition to set a day and time to do an event whether it is religious, traditional, cultural or otherwise which is called Muhurta/Muhurat. Hindus are always giving importance to Muhurtas as according to Vedic Astrology it is very important to find a day & time that suits a specific event […]

Director ICT Sri Venkateswara Temple Helensburgh

SVT Sydney Balalayam Maha Kumbabhishekam work continues with Balalayam at Sri Vishnu Temple! As part of the Maha Kumbabhishekam, it is customary to undertake repairs, renovation and revamping of the Temple in all possible ways to provide enhanced and more pleasant and satisfying user experience to our devotees. This process has been going on for […]

A Guide for Health Care Professionals and Pastoral Care Workers

Related Images:

Up coming Hatha Yoga programs by Isha Foundation

Surya Kriya A potent 21-step yogic practice of tremendous antiquity, designed as a holistic process for health, wellness, and complete well-being.  Surya Kriya activates the solar plexus within the system and balances a person’s energies, leading to stability of the body and the stillness of the mind. 6-8 Dec Toongabbie, Sydney Register 10-11 Dec   […]

NSW opposition leader pledges increased security to all faiths

Related Images:

The Fusion of the Mystical and the Aesthetic in Tripurasundarī

Saundaryalaharī (SL), a devotional poem traditionally attributed to Śaṅkara, is one of the most revered and widely read texts with Tantric content. (…) The text is essentially Tantric, with its central theme being the glorification of the goddess Tripurā. Composed in light of Śākta non-dualism, the text integrates elements from Kubjikā practice into Tripurā worship*. […]

The myth of Śiva and Pārvatī

A reading of the classiccal myth of the wedding of Śiva and Pārvatī from the outlook of contemporary global concerns over humanity’s relationship with nature. The myth of Śiva and Pārvatī can also confront the separation of the body and the self, the emotional and the intellectual, and nature and humankind. As a primitive awakens […]

Lord Amr̥teśa and the Tantric paradigms of healing and disease

A consideration of Tantric paradigms of healing and disease in the worship of Lord Amr̥teśa, according to Netra Tantra The highest goal of the Tantras is liberation through self-realisation. In the non-dual Tantric paradigm, this process is described in terms of self-recognition (pratyabhijñā). In the state of realisation, the practitioner experiences himself as Śiva, the […]

Siddhilakṣmī and Nepalese Sarvāmnāya Tantra

In what follows, we read an excerpt from an article by Śaivācārya Sthaneshwar Timalsina in which he describes features of the Tantric worship of Siddhilakṣmī, which ties together the traditions of Kashmir and Nepal. Although a goddess of prosperity, Siddhilakṣmī is neither the smiling goddess sitting atop a lotus nor is she a mahāvidyā deity, […]

Dangerous Hybridisation of Hate Against Hindus Globally, Says US-based Research Organisation

There is now a dangerous hybridisation of hate against the Hindu community, a US-based scientific research organisation has said, citing the increasing attacks on them in this country and various parts of the world. We’ve seen that there’s been a growth of over 1,000 per cent and anti-Hindu slurs are stoking fears of replacement mixing […]

Paada Yatra, A Piligrimate on Foot – 1st October 2022

After 2 years of gap, we are finally able to organise Paada Yatra again this year. As most of us know that pilgrimage on foot is an age-old Hindu tradition. In India, devotees walk to Kedarnath, Vaishnodevi, Manasarovar, the great Pandharipur pilgrimage and the Chardham Yatra which includes the arduous task of walking at high […]

Navrathri – Hindu Society of Victoria – 26th Oct to 4th Oct

Hindu Society of Victoria and Shri Vishnu Shiva Temple invite you all you join the Navrathri celebrations at the temple. Join in the celebrations and offer your obeisance to the Goddesses  Durga Devi, Laxmi Devi and Saraswati Devi Address: 52 Boundary Rd, Carrum Downs, Vic 3201     Related Images:

Arpan – Fundraiser of North Queensland Hindu Community Inc

It is with great pleasure that the North Queensland Hindu Community Inc cordially invites you all to “Arpan … an offering”,  The annual fund-raising cultural event showcasing Indian classical art forms. The 10th-anniversary stage of Arpan will be graced by renowned Kathak artist, Sanchita Abrol, founder and artistic director of Kathaprana Dance Academy, Melbourne. She […]

Bhagavad Gita Fortnightly Class/ Discussion: Sept 23

Bhagavad Gita Discussion Friday 23 September, 7.00 – 8.45 pm Join our Vedanta Society members and friends for Silent Meditation at Vedanta Hall, 15 Liverpool Road, Croydon, from 7 pm or via Zoom from 7.30 pm: Themes for Discussion Chapter 8 – The Way to the Imperishable Brahman  – Verses 1 to 5:  Last […]

Australia Alludu organises spectacular Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations in Melbourne

Australia Alludu, an Indian students association, organised a spectacular Ganesh Chaturthi celebration at Monash University’s Clayton campus in Melbourne. Related Images:

His prayers of worship to Lord Bhairava

Manifesting [the highest wisdom] to those filled with devotion [with the instruction], “Those of you taking refuge in the foundation of consciousness! Rest on the glory of consciousness [and] do not wander in vain;” victorious is Śiva, skilled in bestowing grace. Related Images:

Cairns Hindu Samaj Ganeshotsav 2022

Cairns Hindu Samaj celebrating Ganeshotsav this year. See their program below. Related Images:

The 5 Mahārtha Levels of Mastery – Vimarsha Foundation

In what follows, we read Lilian Silburn describing the classification of five levels of Siddhas or perfected beings as comprehended in the Mahārtha philosophy, which is the central view adopted by Nepalese Sarvāmnāya Tantra. Related Images:

Ganesh Visarjan 2022 @ Sri Venkateswara Temple, Helensburgh

GANESH VISARJAN Sunday, the 4th September 2022 As in the past years, Ganesh Visarjan is being celebrated at Sri Venkateswara Temple, Helensburgh NSW  with a day long festivities comprising of Rituals, Procession of deities around the Temple premises, cultural activities / entertainment and Visarjan of Clay Ganesha idol in the ocean at Stanwell Park beach. […]

Graduation Ceremony of Counselor of Hindu Traditions – Batch 1

Congratulations to the first batch for completing the Graduate Certificate Course in Counselor of Hindu Traditions (CHT) successfully Hindu Council of Australia (HCA) in collaboration and partnership with Hindu Community Institute (HCI) has commenced a pilot to bring in this unique spiritual care program called Counsellor of Hindu Traditions. We called this first batch of […]

Book Review & developing an agenda

India that is Bharat: Coloniality, Civilisation, Constitution.     A physical & online event resented by Friends of India Austra & Hindu Council of Australia Book review by Shri Bala Varadarajan                                                  […]

Janmashtami Celebrations in Darwin

Hindu Council of Australia is celebrating Janmashtami for the first time in Darwin, along with Darwin Yoga & Meditation Australian School of Meditation and Yoga (ASMY) Let your family & friends Darwin know about the event and encourage them to participate and enjoy the celebrations along Keertain and Bhajan. Related Images:

Science of Happiness According to Yoga Vedanta – Discussion

Join the discussion led by Pravrajika Gayatriprana. Drawing on the book: Science of Happiness – According to Yoga Vedanta by Pravrajika Divyanandaprana: a compilation of her talks given to students at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology in New Delhi in 2018. Pravrajika Divyananandaprana is a nun of Sri Sarada Math of the Ramakrishna Order. Thousands […]

Science of Happiness According to Yoga Vedanta – Discussion Series – 29 July

Spiritual Evening Discussion Friday 29 July, 7.00 – 8.45 pm Join our Vedanta Society Members and Friends for Silent Meditation at: Vedanta Hall, 15 Liverpool Road, Croydon, from 7 pm or via Zoom from 7.30 pm: Themes for Discussion:  Mindfulness – On-the-Spot Intervention: We explore, with the help of mindfulness, how to head off negative emotional responses […]

Regarding Euthanasia

Leaders of faith communities in NSW have been asked to express their position to the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2021. While major faiths of Australia unequivocally reject euthanasia and assisted suicide, same is not the case with the Hindu faith. It allows unassisted and assisted ending of life in some special circumstances. Hindu Council therefore […]

Shankara Jayanthi and Mothers Day Celeberations

Sydney Sanksrit School heartily welcomes you to join us in celebrating Jagadguru Adishankaracharya’s glory on May 8th between 2;30 – 4:00 pm at Marsden Road Public School, Liverpool 2170. We are also having Mother’s Day celebrations followed by prize distribution for winners of the Bhagavadgita competition held in 2021. Related Images:

Sydney Morning Herald article in support of Swastika Freedom

Push to liberate religious swastika in NSW from its ‘indoor prison’ – Sydney Morning Herald   Sydney Morning Herald Australian Hindus – backed by the Jewish community – want to normalise the display of their sacred swastika ahead of a ban on Nazi symbols in NSW. If you cant read the article using the link above then read below : […]

Maharani Ahilyabai Holkar

Rajmata Ahilyabai Holkar was the Queen of the Malwa kingdom. She was born on 31 May 1725 in the village of Chaundi, in the present-day Ahmednagar district in Maharasthtra.  Her father, Mankoji Shinde was the Patil (Head) of the Village. As was the custom in those days, the girls did not go to school, but her father […]