Did Shri Ram use Brahmastra on a crow?

Do you know that Shri Ram used Brahmastr on a little crow?

There is a proverb called  ‘Brahmastra on a crow’

Hard to believe is it? Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram using a weapon, that too Brahmstra on a crow? No way.

But Valmiki Ramayan says yes.

While Shri Ram and Sita Devi were in exile, one day Shri Ram was sleeping in Sita Devi’s lap and Sita Devi was immersed in the beauty of nature. 

Then a crow came and started poking her. Since Shri Ram was asleep, she quietly pushed it away. But the stubborn crow kept coming back to poke her.

She started to bleed but the crow did not leave. Suddenly drops of blood fell on Shri Ram’s head. He woke up and saw that Sita Devi was bleeding.  He gets angry at her for not waking him up.

But the Crow still came back to poke her even though she bleeding and Shri Ram was awake. It didn’t go away even when Shri Ram tried to drive it out. Shri Ram got really angry and picked up a ‘Darbha’ (blade of grass). He made the Darbha into with Brahmasta mantra and shot it at the crow.

Crow flew to all lokas and asked for help. But no one can stop Shri Ram’s astra. So all the gods told it to fall on Shri Ram’s feet and ask for his forgiveness. Crow went and fell on Rama’s feet and begged for forgiveness.  The ever forgiving Shri Ram melts and says ‘I have no problem in forgiving you but the Brahmastra once shot, can’t take it back. You suggest what should I do with it?” The crow then said “I am ashamed of what I did and I should be punished so divert the Brahmastra to my right eye”

Then Shri Rama did what Crow asked. Puranas says since then crows cannot see with their right eye or they are blind in the right eye.

Do any of you know whether this is true that a crow can’t with the right eye?


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