National Geeta chanting competition 2024 by Chinmaya Mission

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Narasimha Jayanti wishes

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Bhoodana Yagna for Hindu Educational and Cultural Centre (HEACC)

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The Forgotten Legacy: Girmitiyas in Australia

Australia’s rich cultural diversity owes much to the sacrifices and contributions of the Girmitiyas – indentured labourers who left their homes in search of better opportunities during the colonial era. Despite enduring immense hardship and exploitation, the Girmitiyas played a significant role in shaping the social, economic, and cultural landscape of Australia. The term “Girmitiya” […]

Tri Hita Karana ( त्रि हित कारण ) by Vijay Singhal Ji

I visited Bali in 2015, it is a majority Hindu Island in Indonesia, the biggest Muslim country in the world. I learnt about Bali’s universal philosophy of living sustainably in peace and harmony called: Tri Hita Karana, which is derived from Sanskrit and translates into “three causes of human well-being”, namely: PARAHYANGAN – Harmony with […]

Meeting with Michaelia Cash, Dy leader for Opposition

It was a delightful experience to have the opportunity to meet Senator Michaelia Cash in Harris Park, accompanied by several Hindu community leaders. We express our heartfelt gratitude to her for taking the time out of her busy schedule to listen to our concerns. During the meeting, we provided Senator Cash with an overview of […]

Mother Nature, Mother Godess, Mother India, the importance of the mother in Hindu culture

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Coalition Support for a first Hindu school in Sydney

By: Surinder Jain. Hindu Council of Australia supports the formation of first Hindu school in Australia. Hinduism is the third largest religion in Australia, consisting of more than 684,002 followers, and representing 2.7% of the population (as at 2021 census). We expect these numbers to be around 800,000 with a significant population living in Sydney. […]

Introduction to Hinduism – ecourse

HCA added Introduction to Hinusim ecourse a while ago and is open to everyone to learn. This course is aimed at Non-Hindus as well as Hindus to understand some basics of Hinduism. A brief syllabus of the course “Introduction to Hinduism” is given below. Introduction (Sanatan dharma, Definitions, Denominations and Diversity, Unity, Colonial influences), Beliefs, […]

Official launch of Hindu Chaplaincy by HCA

Hindu Council of Australia is proud to inform the community that we have launched Hindu Chaplaincy officially at Prince of Wales Hospital on Vijayadashami. The Hindu Chplaincy course which is called The Graduate Diploma in Counsellors of Hindu Tradition (CHT) is now recognised by the Chaplaincy body of NSW, College of Clinical Pastoral Education (CCPE) […]