Meeting with Michaelia Cash, Dy leader for Opposition

It was a delightful experience to have the opportunity to meet Senator Michaelia Cash in Harris Park, accompanied by several Hindu community leaders. We express our heartfelt gratitude to her for taking the time out of her busy schedule to listen to our concerns.

During the meeting, we provided Senator Cash with an overview of the upcoming first Hindu School in the Northwest of Sydney. We respectfully sought her assistance in launching the School project. Mr. Shivakumar from the HEACC team briefed Senator Cash on the project specifics. We also appealed for a commitment of $8.5M in stimulus funding from the coalition for Hindu schools in Sydney. This grant would serve as a pilot for future Hindu schools across the nation. Additionally, we requested a similar grant of $5M from the NSW state coalition team.

Similar to many other communities, the Hindu community faces challenges related to prejudice, stereotypes, and unequal treatment. Engaging in discussions with policymakers like Senator Cash, allows us to advocate for policies and initiatives that combat religious discrimination. This paves the way for a more inclusive and equitable society, where individuals can freely practice their faith without fear of discrimination or persecution. Shri Ashutosh Ji from the Hindu Council Legal team presented Senator Cash with evidence and past incidents highlighting these challenges.

Furthermore, we proposed an education campaign aimed at the media to dispel myths, misconceptions, and stereotypes about Hindu Heritage. This campaign would foster a more accurate and nuanced understanding of the religion and its followers. Shri Murray Ji from Better Balanced Futures and Sai Ji suggested a one-week visit to India by Senators from both parties, accompanied by media and faith leaders. This visit would provide a better understanding of Indian culture and heritage.

Shri Suresh Ji requested a visit by senior members of the coalition to a Deepavali event in Sydney, scheduled for October this year. Following our fruitful discussion, we enjoyed a delightful spread of chai, samosa, and dhokla provided by our gracious meeting host, Chatkaaz. Subsequently, we took a stroll to visit some local businesses.




Some more photos from meeting

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