International Bindi/Tilak Day 2023

October 15 is being observed as International Bindi Day by Hinduism Worldwide INC in collaboration with the Hindu Council of Australia, the Global Hindu Federation, UMHV (United Malaysian Hindu Voice),  and other organisations.

The programme is supported by HSS (Hindu Swayamsevak Sangha), Overseas Friends of BJP, Sewa Australia, Virat Hindustan Sangam, International Arya Samaj, Natyanivedan, Sanatana Sansth UK, Tara Foundation Malaysia and many others.

Bindi is an auspicious mark on a woman’s forehead that means “drop” in Sanskrit. Actually, it signifies the power of protection, peace and pride. It connects with the awakening of the third eye of consciousness. Tilak is the same as the name given to this for males.

Monotheists dismiss this as a religious symbol Abrahamic of Arabic legacy, yet it has enormous importance and value for humanity under the blessings of divine energy. 

The International Bindi Day will be observed to promote dharma, inclusivity, mutual tolerance and to showcase humanity’s innate wisdom in looking beyond religious and community divisions and learning about our tradition and heritage.

The oneness of this project takes place on the following days of Navaratri, the nine-day festival devoted to the divine feminine energy.

Taking his Twitter handle editor Upnanda Brahmachari also requested all concerned to observe this day with full honour.

Please join the FB group International Bindi/Tilak Day and post your photos and videos of wearing a Bindi/Tilak, talking about the importance of Bindi/Tilak in an event, your kids, neighbours and friends. 

The things you can do to promote awareness of Bindi/Tilak

  • Wear Bindi/Tilak wherever whenever you can
  • talk to people about it who do not know what the ‘red dot’ is
  • Volunteer at a Hindu temple or at a Hindu event.
  • Teach your kids the importance of it religiously and logically
  • Meditate for 2 minutes while chanting AUM (do it with your kids if you can)
  • Teach the meaning of their names to your children
  • Make them talk to their grandparents and find out the meanings of their names
  • let your children learn about our heritage from their grandparents

Contact to find out more about International Bindi/Tilak Day and how you can contribute to it,

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