A true story that gives goosebumps

This is a real story that stood in history as the example of bhakti in Kaliyuga. A story that raises hair and is unbelievable.

It is unbelievable because Bhagwan Shiva appeared and helped a Britisher who has no connection to Sanatana Dharma or no belief in Bhagwan Shiva, a Britisher who practices Christianity.

This is the Leela (divine play) of Bhagwan Shiva 

In 1879 when the British were ruling India, a man named Colonel Martin was working as an army officer in the war going on in Afghanistan.  The war was going on for months instead of a day or two.

The Colonel used to send messages to his wife from time to time about his health, safety and whereabouts. Her name is Mary. After a few days, she stopped receiving health messages from the colonel. Since then she has been suffering from severe depression. She was always cowering in fear and worry.

She waited day and night for information from her husband in agony. But one day when she came out on a horse, she was passing by the Baidhyanath temple and she heard Vedic mantras, immediately she stopped the horse and went inside. She observed the priests worshiping Bhagwan Shiva there. Those priests…realised that she was worried about something. When they asked her, she told them about her husband ‘Colonel’ and that there was no information from her husband so far and she immediately burst into tears without realizing it. The priests consoled her and told her to tell her grief to Bhagwan Shiva.

She worshipped Bhagwan Shiva in the temple and went home. Then she performed “Laghu Rudra Mantra Japam” for 11 days with devotion to Lord Shiva. Devoutly worshiping, she “wished to Bhagwan Shiva that if her husband came home safely to her, she would rebuild the temple of Baidhyanath. After 11 days of chanting, she received a letter from the colonel.

In the letter, the colonel said he was fine and that he was out of danger. That the Pathans were going to surround us and kill them, that they had lost hope of life and that they had no chance of escape at that time. At the same time, a great yogi of India suddenly appeared there. The colonel wrote in the letter that “he was wearing a tiger skin, holding a three-pronged weapon in his hand, and wearing vibhuti kamandalas. The colonel mentioned in the letter that even the Pathans turned their backs on his power and brilliance”. He said that they have succeeded because of that yogi. He also said that he had the voice of 1000 elephants and long wavy hair and the great yogi spoke to the colonel.

The colonel wrote in the letter that the yogi said, ‘Your wife is worshiping me with devotion and being satisfied with her devotion, I have come to protect you’. A few weeks later, the colonel arrived home.

Later Colonel and Mary Bhaidyanath visited the temple. The colonel was surprised to see the form of Bhagwan Shiva in the temple and said that he was the Yogi whom he saw on the battlefield.

From then on, the Colonel and Mary became ardent devotees of “Maha Shiva”. After that, they rebuilt the Baidhyanath temple and gave all the money they had to the temple. 

Both their names are still on the premises of the Baidhyanath temple.

This is the only temple built by the British.

This story is in the book “Hidden Archeology of India”.

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