Graduation Ceremony of Counselor of Hindu Traditions – Batch 1

Congratulations to the first batch for completing the Graduate Certificate Course in Counselor of Hindu Traditions (CHT) successfully

Hindu Council of Australia (HCA) in collaboration and partnership with Hindu Community Institute (HCI) has commenced a pilot to bring in this unique spiritual care program called Counsellor of Hindu Traditions. We called this first batch of scholars a pilot program to learn, build a team and understand how to modify this to suit our local needs.

Such a program was the need of the hour as HCA has been looking to develop a similar program for the local needs.

This Program was very well received by the locals in terms

The completion of the 9-month Sunday CHT course will 1) make you a trained volunteer for community service and 2) facilitate your pursuit of Hindu Chaplaincy credentials.

The duration of the course is 24 weeks, 4 hours weekly (2 to 3 classes) a month broadly divided into 6 modules.

This is a course that gives graduates a chance to become Hindu Chaplains. As the Hindu population is growing multifold, the needs of the population are growing as well but they are not mere religious needs. People need advice on the last rites, mental & spiritual support for the young carers of the elderly parents, Spiritual care for the people in prisons and hospitals, and marriage counselling for young couples from a spiritual & Vedic angle. Right now, these are addressed by Christians Chaplains but they are not trained in Hindu Chaplaincy, so one people aren’t getting the spiritual support they need, two instead they are getting converted so that Christian Chaplains can help them the way they know. With The CHT graduate course, we have changed to increase the quality of life of the Hindu population and give them spiritual & mental support.

This three-minute Introductory Video ( will give you an understanding of why it is so important to have Hindu counsellors and chaplains.

The Course fee is AU$ 3,000.00

However, the Hindu Council of Australia gave a scholarship for $2,700.00 to pay for most of the fees. In return, the successful candidate will have to provide 40 hours of voluntary service to Hindu Council. The scholarship is only available to those who complete the course successfully.


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