Maha Kumbabishegam Volunteer request for Sri Venkateswara Temple Helensburgh


Dear Devotee(s),

Sri Venkateswara Temple depends and thrives on the dedicated involvement of volunteers to assist the Management in conducting and performing the daily activities of the temple. Your efforts in keeping the temple precincts and the adjoining areas clean and tidy, upkeeping the Archana bowls and Prasada utensils by washing them at regular intervals and many other similar chores, like managing the Vasthirams that have adorned the deities and the Garlands and floral arrangements to be properly disposed off, you can certainly make a positive impact and these are certainly not mean tasks.


It has been a tradition for devotees and their family members to participate in these activities. We need fresh hands to help the temple provide the facilities and an environment for devotees to pray and receive the blessings of the Lord.


With the impending Kumbabhishekam during April ’23 – 6th to 10th, which is fast approaching, SVT does require many more fresh hands to join the existing force and take it forward. Primarily we need volunteers to carry out tasks in the following areas during Kumbabhishekam and beyond.


The primary tasks are:


  • Helping the Priests with the tasks outlined above, briefly.


  • Guiding the devotees and visitors by addressing their queries and manning information counters.


  • Traffic Management both vehicular and pedestrians.


  • Regulating the flow of traffic and being part of the parking area


  • Helping in the Marquee arrangement during festivals and special occasions such as weddings


  • Maintaining flower plants and garden / lawn areas


  • Cleaning of Temple vessels and upkeep of Sanctums





  • Managing the Temple counter & the Souvenir shop


  • Serving the customers in the canteen as well helping in the community kitchen activities;



Contributing in this manner would definitely bring lot of happiness and self- satisfaction in serving the Lord. You will have to try it first-hand to experience the feeling of joyfulness. 


Participating in these kind of activities brings you new acquaintances which have resulted in many positive changes in one’s life.


We invite your expression of interest by notifying your area of interest along with preferred days and timings. Please click here ( Volunteer Expression of Interest Form – SRI VENKATESWARA TEMPLE(SVT) ( to register online (the preferred mode) or speak and leave your details with the person at the information counter or directly with the organiser approaching you.


We certainly look forward to having you on board, as part of this noble cause, serving the Lord.


Ohm Namo Bhagavathey Vasudevayah!!                           


Ohm Namashivayah!!


SVTHL Management

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