Indra's wife Indrani used to have a parrot as a pet and loved it at a lot. One day the parrot got sick.  Indrani showed the parrot to the doctor.

The doctor said that it would be difficult for the parrot to survive.

Hearing that, Indrani rushed to Indra..!

"I don't know what you will do. Let my parrot live. Otherwise I will die too" she cried..!

To that Indra...
"Why are you worried so much? Brahma is the one who writes everyone's destiny..! I will go and pray.
Don't worry..!" Indra went to Brahma.

Brahma learned the matter through Indra..!
"I only write the destiny. It is Maha Vishnu who executes it..! So let us go to Vishnu.!" Then they went to see Maha Vishnu.

Noticing their arrival, Vishnu invited them and learned about the matter.
"Yes I am the one who saves lives..! But..! The parrot's life is in the last stage..! Only Shiva is able to give the life back again..! We three pray to Shiva..!" He said.
All three went to Shiva and told the matter. Shiva said this.
"I am the one who can give the life back but I have entrusted the task of taking life to Yama Dharmaraju..! Let us go and ask  him..!" everyone said and left.

Seeing Indra, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva all coming to Yamaloka, Yama invited them with respect and learned about the matter.

"Oh...! That's not a big deal. Usually we write the names of those who are close to death and how they will die on a leaf and hang it in a room.
Whichever leaf falls down they will die at that time. Let's go and remove that leaf and save the parrot..! He said.

A leaf fell when everyone went into that room, . Everyone rushed to see what was written on that leaf and the reason  for the parrot's death was
" the parrot will die when Indra, Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu and Yamadharmaraja enter this room together..!" written on it..!
This is the destiny..! No one can change destiny. Show love to others while still alive. Don't hate. Let's learn to help others..!

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