Book Review & developing an agenda

India that is Bharat: Coloniality, Civilisation, Constitution.  


A physical & online event resented by Friends of India Austra & Hindu Council of Australia

Book review by Shri Bala Varadarajan                                                                Bala is an IIT graduate and has a Law degree from Macquarie University. He was a CEO of an IT software company for the Asia-Pacific region.

Bala will present an overview of Sai Deepak’s book India that is Bharath, discuss civilisational impacts of coloniality and lead a discussion towards developing action steps that we as a Hindu community can address.

India, That Is Bharat, the first book of a comprehensive trilogy, explores the influence of European ‘colonial consciousness’ (or ‘coloniality’), in particular its religious and racial roots, on Bharat as the successor state to the Indic civilisation and the origins of the Indian Constitution. It lays the foundation for its sequels by covering the period between the Age of Discovery, marked by Christopher Columbus’ expedition in 1492, and the reshaping of Bharat through a British-made constitution-the Government of India Act of 1919.

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