Essence of Raksha Bandhan – selfless-service and dedication

By: Aakarsha Vaddepalli.

Thank you For your selfless-service and dedication.

It is my pleasure and privilege to talk about Hindu Council of Australia (HCA) and acknowledge their amazing work in extending their hand to all the people who are affected by the COVID lock-down.

Hindu Benevolent Fund which is a Charity arm of HCA have come together and helping everyone who is suffering because of the job loss, reduced income, isolation or quarantine. They are helping everyone regardless of the ethnicity, religion, nationality etc.,

I have recently availed their assistance and very fortunate to get connected with such a great organization. I have been away from home for more than 18 months. When the first lock-down happened last year, I have realized how lonely and tired I was from being away from home, away from family, with no helping hand or emotional dependence. I have lost job and was in a desperate situation for my daily and financial needs. And since the change in recent rules from centrelink I was unable to claim the jobseeker or any other benefits because I still need to wait for another 2 years to receive the centrelink benefits.

In my desperate situation I have tried to reach out for help and found that HCA is assisting people like me. When I have reached out them, I was amazed to see how their volunteers are helping everyone. They have supported me like a family with my basic needs like grocery for my daily survival and emotional support for mental survival. I want to thank the team from bottom of my heart and I want every member of HCA and the entire team know how thankful I am for helping me in this most critical situation of my life I have ever faced (alone) and standing by my side in a strange country and in strange situation. My special thanks to Sreenadh Brahmapuram Uncle who went beyond the limits and even spoke to my mom over the phone, gave her hope and confidence when she is worried sick for me because I am alone here and because of their helpless situation to not able to be with me because of the closed borders. Sreenadh Uncle told my mom he and HCA will always be there to help me and keep me safe in this COVID crisis finishes or whenever there is a need.

Initially I was very hesitant to ask for help but I am very glad that I did and was able to reach out to the best help that is out there. HCA not only welcomed me with open arms but also gave me strength and confidence to survive in this emotional time, by standing like a pillar by my side. I know that many others have availed the same help as I did and have renewed their hope towards life and future.

I felt that you and your members were the only people who understood me and people like me when no one did. When we could not pay for the bills or the food, you understood our pain and guided us through with your selfless service regardless of ethnicity, gender, creed and ability.

With great privilege from the bottom of my heart, I Thank You all.

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