Spiritual Evening – 24 September

Via Zoom: Friday 24 September 7.30 – 8.45 pm

Group discussion led by Pravrajika Gayatriprana, a senior nun of Sri Sarada Math of the Ramakrishna Order.

To join via Zoom from 7.30 pm:

Themes for Discussion:

  • The Ladder of Happiness: Our journey to longer-lasting happiness requires us to manage the senses, emotions and intellect, enabling better access to the highest rung: the level of spirituality.
  • Yoga and Altered States of Awareness: We can generate greater awareness and happiness by harnessing our vital energy.
  • Yogic Insights into Happiness: Too often, life is a rollercoaster ride of happiness and worry. Yoga and Vedanta aim to even out the ride.
  • Connecting Happiness & Awareness: The challenge is to declutter the mind, full of thoughts and anxieties, blocking the tranquil awareness behind it.

Learn more in the discussion.

Continuing our series of discussions drawing on the book, The Science of Happiness – According to Yoga-Vedanta, by Pravrajika Divyanandapranaji from Sri Sarada Math’s Delhi Centre. Based on her very popular talks at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology in New Delhi, viewed by thousands on YouTube.