Fighting for Justice for Swastika’s ban by Uber

By: Surinder Jain.

A Fiji Hindu mom is being denied Uber services because her first name is Swastika. She had approached Hindu Council for help. Hindu council took up the matter with Uber. When Uber did not listen, the matter was taken up by Faith NSW on our behalf. Various government department and ministers advised Uber not to deny services because of her Hindu name. Jewish leaders have supported that Swastika should be able to use Uber App without having to change her name.
Despite all this, Uber has not restored its Uber App access and use of its services to Swastika. 
The Australian newspapers esteemed journalist Alexi Demetriadi has published an article in their edition dated 27th March 2024 which can be read by following the link below.
Hindu Council thanks Swastika for her courage, Faith NSW and NSW Government for taking up the cause and to Alexi Demetriadi for his great journalism.
We urge all Hindus to logon to The Australian article and leave a thankyou note and a favourable comment.

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