Funding available to charities for Job Saver and Business grant programs

By: Surinder Jain. Hindu Council of Australia.

Hindu Council of Australia along with other faith communities has been speaking to the Treasurer regarding making Covid funding available to faith communities for Job Saver and Business grant programmes. The treasurer has announced today that the COVID-19 JobSaver Payment expansion and extension would support eligible registered charities working in the social services and animal welfare sectors. You can find that announcement here.
We urge all Hindu charities working in the social services and animal welfare sectors to apply for these grants and avail of the funds. Please read the terms to determine that you are eligible and then apply directly by clicking on the link Dominic Perrottet Alister Henskens med rel – Applications open for not-for-profit support.pdf (
This of course does not go all the way to support religious organizations as only charities with the ACNC subtype “advance social and public welfare” or “prevent or relieve the suffering of animals” can apply. This obviously cuts out faith communities whose ACNC subtype is advancing religion. This may permit some Hindu social services charities to apply for Job saver and Business grants but cuts out Hindu temples.
We are working with the government to include all faith churches and temples to become eligible for Job saver and business grant programs. I will keep you posted on the developments.
Surinder Jain
National Vice President
Hindu Council of Australia

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