ANZAC Jawan Memorial Service to be held on 13th April

By: Ashwani Jain.

A team of Hindu Council of Australia consisting of State President Jay Raman, State Secretary Ashwani Jain and Director Ashwani Sharma along with Parveen Gupta  met Hornsby Council Mayor Hon Philip Ruddock today.

From left to Right : Ashwani Sharma Director, Hornsby Council Mayor Hon Philip Ruddock, Jay Raman NSW President, Parveen Gupta, Ashwani Jain NSW Secretary.

The team discussed annual ANZAC service to be performed at ANZAC Jawan Cenotaph that was erected by Hindu Council of Australia with help from MP Julian Leeser to commemorate services of Indian origin servicemen who had joined Australian forces during the World Wars.

Hornsby Council Mayor Hon Philip Ruddock

In the meeting it was decided that an ANZAC day service will be held at ANZAC Jawan Cenotaph. The service will be held on 13th April 2019 between 1 to 3 pm.

13/04/2019-NSW ANZAC Day Service at Cenotaph, Cherrybrook

For further information contact :


ANZAC JAWAN Cenotaph Memorial dedicated to Indian Soldiers

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Before you cast your vote in NSW this weekend meet some of the Indian candidates

Before you cast your democratic right to choose next government of NSW, we would like to introduce to you, candidates of Indian background who have in the past supported Hindu cause. We had asked both major parties to send us list of candidates of Indian origin giving their name, seat and a message for the community.  The names of the candidates are listed in alphabetic order and include candidates from all parties who responded to our request for information and confirmed that they are of Indian origin.


Arun Chandrala – Labor Candidate for NSW Legilative Council/Upper House

Mrs Aruna Chandrala is the first Indian origin woman Labor Candidate for Legislative Council of NSW. Aruna migrated to Australia in 1986 and ever since she always voluntarily worked for the community and chaired several cultural, immigrant, women, temple and subcontinent associations. She served two terms asPresident of the United India Associations and three terms as President of Sydney Telugu Association.She has served as committee member for Helensburgh Hindu Temple and conducted various HinduCultural events, including bringing World Telugu Meet to Australia. Aruna is instrumental instarting and conducting the yearly Ganesh Festival held at Parramatta foreshore.  She presented Bhagavad Gita to NSW Parliament and organised Diwali and other Hindu festivals.  Community and migrant issues are always at Aruna’s heart and she believes in “only a life living for others, is a life worthwhile”.


Charishma Kaliyanda – Labor Candidate for Holsworthy

Charishma grew up, lives and works locally. She knows the pressures faced by her community – from cuts to local health services to overcrowded schools, maintenance backlogs and a lack of investment in local infrastructure. Charishma understands our community and wants to make it an even better place to live, work and raise a family. As a Councillor on Liverpool City Council and a long time advocate for our community.

Charishma will: • Invest in schools and hospitals, instead of splurging $2.2B on stadiums; • Properly fund our our local schools and TAFEs; • Reduce hospital wait times caused by the Liberal Government’s cuts to local health services; • Ease cost of living pressures on our community by putting downward pressure on electricity prices; Connect with Charishma Facebook: charishmakaliyandalabor Twitter: Ckaliyanda Website: Email:


Hon Daniel Mookhey MLC – Labor Candidate for NSW Legilative Council/Upper House

Daniel Mookhey was elected on 6 May 2015 to a seat in NSW Legislative Council (Upper House).

The son of Indian migrants, Daniel was the first MP to be sworn into an Australian Parliament on the Hindu religious text The Bhagavad Gita.

Prior to entering the Parliament Daniel held senior roles in the Australian Council of Trade Unions. Daniel is a formidable campaigner and this passion has translated into his performances in the Parliament, exposing waste and incompetence in the Berejiklian led Government. Daniel has been a passionate advocate for the people of NSW, especially in rural and regional communities. He will continue to hold this Government to account and stand up for workers’ rights. Daniel is a firm believer that Government should be funding schools and hospitals, before stadiums. He is also a firm believer in climate change and supports NSW Labor’s commitment to Free Tafe courses if elected.


Ms Durga Owen – Labour Candidate for Seven Hills

A local who understands us. Durga Owen is a solicitor, part time teacher at the Western Sydney University and a mum. She lives locally with her husband Michael and their three boys. She attended Arthur Phillip High School where she was School Captain and earned her law degree at Western Sydney University. That is why Durga will stand up for our area in Parliament and make sure we are heard. Durga will fight for the local community.

As part of Labor’s team, Durga is supporting the campaign to mandate nurse to patient ratios to ensure better patient care and to fix under-staffing problems which have plagued the public health system under the Liberals. She cares that our area gets its fair share of funding for schools, hospitals and TAFE.


Pallavi Sinha – Liberal Candidate for NSW Legilative Council/Upper House

Pallavi Sinha is a Lawyer, Academic & AFR & Westpac 100 Women of Influence. Born in Auburn hospital, Pallavi has been working hard for numerous years on various issues. Pallavi is the only candidate from Indian background who has been given a ticket to the NSW Upper House/Legislative Council in the NSW State election on 23 March 2019. Anyone ANYWHERE IN NSW who is registered to vote can vote for Pallavi Sinha. In 2018, she was recognised as a Rising Star at the Hindu Council Gargi awards. Recently, she spoke at the Hindu Council Gargi awards. She has also attended & spoken in the past at several Hindu Council events including a Forum on Domestic Violence


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Hindu Council submission on treatment of Hindu students in Catholic schools

Hindu Council of Australia has made a submission to Western Australian Education Minister MLC Sue Ellery on their concerns about treatment of Hindu students in a Catholic school in Perth. The submission suggests transparency in school policies, restriction on interpreting other faiths, interfaith forums to communicate with each other and a law to provide religious freedom to students of other faiths in all faith based schools. The submission is enclosed below :

Hon Sue Ellery MLC
Minister for Education and Training
Government of Western Australia
I am glad to know that your department has agreed to investigate the case of a Hindu student studying in a Catholic school who has not been allowed to wear a nose stud despite the school being told that this is an essential religious item.
Hindu Council of Australia had taken up the case with the school Principal and with the Archbishop of Perth but after some initial response, we do not hear anything from them. Hindu Council would like to make a submission to you regarding this case which is as follows :
1. School should declare its Policy on non-Catholic students and employees
– Each faith based school should declare its policy on how it treats students and employees of other faiths. School should declare its policy on whether and what non-christian religious symbols can be worn by non-christian students in their school. The policy should clearly state which religious components of school education are optional and which are mandatory.
2. Who can determine and interpret a religion.
– for example what is an obligatory item of religious significance.
– no religion should sit in judgement of what is essential to adherents of other religions. No one outside a religion should sit in judgement on what is essential to that religion. A faith based school can not sit in judgement on matters of religion of students of other faiths. Hindu Council of Australia’s judgement of what constitutes an essential Hindu practice should be accepted by the school.
3. School policy should not be a bar to diversity
– schools and its rules should encourage and not be a bar for entry of students of other faiths as well as students of other cultures, backgrounds and persuasions.
4. Each religion’s religious body should declare its essential icons
– including items that students can wear on them and such a list be agreed upon in Interfaith forums and then made available to school principals as first reference. Hindu Council of Australia has started this consultation process and will soon publish a list on its web site. A Nose Ring during puberty and Janaue a scared thread for boys during their education right of passage definitely find their place in this list. Janaue becomes an issue when students attend swimming lessons or other physical education which requires them to remove their tops.
5. The state should pass a law that no faith based school can coerce its students or employees of other faith to convert or to participate in the school’s religious programs and services.
– The school must inform its students and employees of other faiths that religious programs are optional for them and non-attendance will not be viewed negatively.
If you wish, we will be happy to make a more detailed submission.
Surinder Jain
Director and National vice President
Hindu Council of Australia

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Australian New Zealand MPs condemn Pulwama terror attack

Mr Julian Leeser MP, Federal Member for Berowra, NSW, Liberal Party of Australia said today that

“Today I spoke in Parliament to condemn the appalling terrorist attack that was carried out in India on Valentine’s Day by Jaish-e-Mohammed.  Australians stood and marched with India since the earliest days of World War 1. We continue to stand with India today.”


Watch the Video:

In a massive development, the New Zealand Parliament on Wednesday unanimously passed a motion condemning the Pulwama terror attack that took place on February 14 in which 40 braveheart CRPF jawans were martyred.

Passing the motion, New Zealand Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Winston Peters in the Parliament also expressed condolences and solidarity with government of India over the grave loss of the security forces and martyrs’ families.

” I move the motion that this House condemn the Feb 14 act of terrorism on Indian CRPF leading to large loss of life. We express solidarity with Government of India at this difficult time as well as offer our deep sympathies to those affected,” he said.
Watch Video:

Meanwhile, earlier on Tuesday, sources close to France stated that the country will move a proposal at the UNSC 1267 Committee to designate the Pakistani-based JeM chief Masood Azhar as a global terrorist, a move which will be backed by India.

Read full article […]

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Holi message from Opposition leader Bill Shorten





It gives me great pleasure to send my well wishes to the Australian Hindu Community and everyone taking part in Holi celebrations around the country.

Holi, also known as the Festival of Colour, is a joyous Hindu tradition to welcome in the Indian spring with music, dance and singing.

Most Australians would recognise the festival for the great display of colourful powders that coat the streets and cover every man, woman and child in a festive rainbow.

As celebrations commence in cities and towns throughout Australia, and around the world, we embrace the opportunity to deepen our understanding of the Hindu faith and join with the Australian Hindu community to commemorate the festival of Holi.

The Labor Party recognises multiculturalism as one of the cornerstones of Australian society.  The variety of cultures in Australia contributes to the beautiful mosaic of diverse ethnicities and traditions that make our country the wonderful place it is today.  The Hindu community in Australia makes up a special part of this identity.

On behalf of the Federal Parliamentary Labor Party Ithank Australia’s Hindu population for your contribution and wish you well for the festival celebrations ahead.

Bill Shorten

Leader of the Opposition

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Australian Prime Minister – Holi message

The Hon. Scott Morrison MP

Prime Minister    HOLI 2019

 For centuries, the ancient festival of Holi has celebrated the arrival of spring and the promise of renewal and rebirth.

Though it is not spring in Australia, today Holi’s significance is broader: bringing people of all cultural backgrounds, and all walks of life, together in a carnival of joy.

As Australians, we are fortunate to live in a land that is home to a diversity of traditions, where we are free to share in and learn from the observances of other cultures.

The festival of Holi allows us to celebrate the interwoven ties between the Australian and Indian people. About 700,000 people of Indian descent call Australia home – the fastest growing diaspora in our proudly multicultural nation.

Though so different, we understand each other. Australia and India are both proud democracies, with the shared belief that the way to create the fairest society is to ensure a more prosperous society.

Our shared commitment to peace and respect is an enduring source of our national well-being. As our second Prime Minister, Alfred Deakin wrote, “The distance which separates us…is being steadily diminished between us, year by year.”

Holi is an occasion to affirm these values and to be grateful and proud of who we are.

With these thoughts in mind, and in a warm spirit of friendship, I send my best wishes to everyone celebrating Holi this year.


The Hon Scott Morrison MP

Prime Minister of Australia

Sanjeev Bhakri, Prakash Mehta and Scot Morrison

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Hindus lobby for Religious Freedom in Australia

By : Surinder Jain.

Hindus represented by Hindu Council of Australia along with representatives of Anglican, Catholic, Islamic and Buddhist faiths are meeting various federal MPs and impressing upon them to protect religious freedom and not to pass a law that can suppress religious freedom as an unintended consequence of anti-discrimination.

The main points being emphasized to law makers are :

  1. There should no ambiguity in law that can lead to unnecessary litigation.
  2. Religious Freedom is in the charter of United Nations to which Australia is a signatory.
  3. Faith based schools should continue to be able to segregate schools and activities (e.g. sports) based on gender.
  4. No religious institute should be restricted from teaching or propagating the teachings of their faith.
  5. No religious institute should be coerced into doing or making its resources available to teach or support any idea that is not in conformity with its faith.
  6. Courts can not interpret faith related matters and that interpretation of scriptures, philosophies and practices should be left to the faith community.
  7. Religious institutes that have been built with the donation of faith members with certain understanding should not be forced to break that understanding in order to confirm with new laws being considered.
  8. Hindus do not have religious schools in Australia yet but other religions who have religious schools have reported that there have been no significant discrimination events in their schools and that the laws should not be made to fix a problem that does not exist.

Since marriage equality vote in Australia giving equal rights to gay marriages, Australian society and politics has been churning with its implications for religious freedom. Can schools be forced to not only accept and respect gay teachers/students and staff (which is already happening and is not an issue) but also to permit propagation of marriage or other views that are contrary to their religious teachings.

Religious freedom collides with anti-discrimination laws in Australia

Both major parties have come out with their views and are aiming for a legislation that in the garb of Anti-Discrimination does not have intended or un-intended effects on religious freedom of Religious schools. A particular focus of the legislation to be discussed in parliament next month is to do with restrictions on faith based schools.

The Prime Minister and his Liberal Party has come out openly in favor of Religious Freedom. 

PM ScoMo fights for religious freedom despite the opposition

Australian Prime Minister – protection of our religious freedoms is synonymous with our identity

The opposition Labor Party is also making its stand clear. According to a Labor Federal MP, Labor has already pledged to end discrimination against students and teachers in religious schools on the basis of their sexual orientation and gender identity. The labor party wants to repeal parts of the Sex Discrimination Act giving exemptions to religious schools to discriminate against children. The party also feels that all Australians should have the right to express their faith freely and without fear of discrimination, for all faiths.



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Australia Day celebrated

By: Surinder Jain.

Both, India the land of Janma Bhumi of Hindus and Australia the karma bhumi of Australian Hindus, share 26th January as a very special day. India became a republic with its own constitution on 26th January. 26th January also marks the anniversary of the 1788 arrival of the First Fleet of British ships at Port Jackson, New South Wales, and the raising of the Flag of Great Britain at Sydney Cove.

In present-day Australia, celebrations of Australia Day reflect the diverse society and landscape of the nation and are marked by community and family events, reflections on Australian history, official community awards and citizenship ceremonies welcoming new members of the Australian community.[1]

In keeping with the spirit of multicultural Australia, The Honourable Gladys Berejiklian MP, Premier of New South Wales invited various communities including Hindu Council to take part in Australia Day celebrations at Western Sydney Community Reception in Penrith.

Jay Raman, Premier, Surinder Jain and Ashwani Jain

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Hindu/Cultural schools should avail $100 Creative Kids program

Are you running a school or an organization in the state of NSW that is teaching Hindu languages, Hindu drama, Hindu arts etc to children. If you are, then state government may subsidize fees paid by your students.
Find out more on how to register your school to avail of this $100 for each of your students.


Having problems seeing this? View it in your browser.
New Creative Kids program
New Creative Kids program
Parents of NSW school-aged children can apply for a $100 voucher each year to put towards the cost of registration, participation or tuition costs with approved Creative Kids providers.
The voucher may be used for performing arts, visual arts, coding, languages, literary, music and other eligible creative and cultural activities.
Register to become a provider>>
Or, to find out more visit, call 13 77 88 or visit your local Service Centre.

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Multicultural NSW is now recruiting experienced telephone interpreters Australia-wide

Multicultural NSW is currently seeking expressions of interest from highly motivated and experienced Telephone Interpreters from all over Australia in all languages for our new telephone interpreting service.


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