Immigration of religious workers discussed with the Minister

By: Surinder Jain.

A discussion was held between religious leaders and the immigration minister to simplify and streamline visas for priests and monks. The main issues on board are :

  • Salary of monks
  • Degree in theology vs qualifications and experience
  • Proficiency in English and visa for translators
  • Time and duration of Visa

Hindus were represented by Surinder Jain, Dan Howard (BKs), Pandit Athreiya and BAPS representative.

The department has released a new paper called MORLA which explains the changes being proposed.

Faith leaders from a wide variety raised the concerns being faced by them which were discussed in the meeting.

The overall view of Hindu representatives is that the new approach “Morla” is solving many of the issues faced by us but the process is complex. 


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