Police to investigate offensive ASGC letter

Hindu Council has lodged a formal complaint about a four page PDF document, floating in the social media and cyber space, purported to have been issued by an Australia Sikh Gurudwara Council based on the same address as a respectable and revered Gurudwara in Sydney. The Gurudwara has denied ownership of the offensive letter and have regretted attempts to “create disharmony between … our communities … who have been living together in peace.”

NSW police is going through the hate document to assess which laws if any are being broken by this offensive material.

Hindu Council is in constant touch with the Police in this matter and we will keep the community updated on its progress.

Once again, we call upon all Hindus and all communities in Australia not to play in the hands of elements who want to create disharmony. We urge everyone to protect peace in the community.

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