NSW Faith Affairs Council commits to interfaith collaboration

The new Labour government in NSW has formed a Faith Affairs Council of 19 faith leaders.  Hindus are represented by Hindu Council of Australia’s representative Surinder Jain. 

The Council held its first full meeting 0n 29 November 2023 at NSW Parliament House. The meeting was also attended by the Minister for Multiculturalism Steve Kamper. The Minister addressed the NSW Faith Affairs Council on the need for interfaith harmony and collaboration to deal with heightened community tensions resulting from overseas conflict.

The first act of the Council was to pass an historic ‘Interfaith Resolution’ to help NSW faith communities navigate through the current difficult times:

Interfaith Resolution

New South Wales is proudly multifaith and multicultural. We acknowledge the oldest continuous living culture on
Earth. We come from 300 ancestries, speak 280 languages and practise 130 religions.
We value the freedom to express our views and practice our beliefs. Whether it is private or public, in celebration or
in protest, we understand our actions must align with our commitment to mutual respect and social cohesion.
The faith communities of New South Wales have consistently demonstrated our ability to engage and coexist in

We recognise many of us maintain deep connections with other countries through family, heritage, or shared beliefs.
This means our perspectives will often contrast sharply, but this only strengthens our desire to understand one
another better.

We unequivocally reject speech, violence and actions which incite hatred towards others.
We affirm our belief in diversity as a great strength of our State. We affirm the right to disagree with one another in
a way that is respectful and compassionate.
We ask all the people of our State – whether they have faith or not – to keep NSW a peaceful and welcoming home
for all.

We, the NSW Faith Affairs Council, commit ourselves to interfaith collaboration and ongoing cooperation for the
betterment of our communities and New South Wales.

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