Faith communities meet ALP and ask for a Religious Affairs Council as a part of a Ministerial Portfolio

Faith representatives from major faiths including Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism and Hinduism met NSW state ALP leadership to discuss common matters that are important to all faiths.

The issues taken up during the meeting included:

– A representative group (eg Religious Affairs Council) that is part of a Ministerial Portfolio at a Cabinet level, in order to give the faith groups a united voice to the Government.

– The Security and Wellbeing Proposal, and funding to enable it to happen. This would also include looking at existing funding programs or potential funding programs where the faith communities could be given access, and workshopping ideas with ALP about options.

– Other specific issues: Chaplaincy, Zoning for Places of Worship, Religious Discrimination, Engagement re COVID and flood recovery etc, Education campaigns across multiple departments on things such as religious symbols.

The meeting was attended by ALP leaders including :

Leader of opposition, Chris Minn, MP

Shadow Treasurer and Shadow Minister for the Gig Economy, Daniel Mookhey, MLC

Shadow Minister for Small Business, Property and Multiculturalism, Steve Kamper, MP

Shadow Minister for Emergency Services and for Energy and Climate Change, Jihad Dib, MP

and Matthew Shaw, Director of Policy ALP

The faith group will continue discussions with ALP on matters of faith.


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