Hindu Council welcomes Labor’s commitment to a Hindu centre

NSW’s Labor party has promised to provide $3.75 million towards the establishment of a Hindu Cultural and Education Centre – a home for Hindus in Sydney if they form the government after the 25 March election. Hindu Council of Australia welcomed the news.

Surinder Jain, National Vice President said that there is a dire need for such a centre in Sydney’s Northwest. If established, it will be available for use by Hindu community from all countries including India, Nepal, Fiji, Bangladesh etc.

The proposed centre will have a large hall fir cultural activities. Besides a permanent office for HCA, it will have rooms for meetings, yoga classes, language classes as well as space for conducting Devotional dance and music classes. There will be rooms for counselling and a room for seniors to relax.

The facility will house a commercial kitchen to provide Hindu Saatvik food by Karma Kitchen to Meals on wheels, hospitals, school canteens and age care homes.

President, Prakash Mehta, thanked MP Chris Minns and shadow Multi-cultural Minister Steve Kamper for making this announcement.

Chris Minns addressing a gathering of Hindu community leaders praised the contribution of Hindus and Indians to Australia and to the state of NSW. He said that this announcement is a very minor contribution to the community when compared with what Hindus have and are contributing to Australia.

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