Hindu defenders – Daniel Mookhey Labor candidate for Upper House

(Nitin) Daniel Mookhey, the only Hindu in NSW Upper House had taken his oath on Bhagwat Gita and his father was one of the founders of the first Hindu temple (Sri Mandir, Auburn) in Australia. Daniel Mookhy is a sitting Member and now a candidate for of the Legislative Council of NSW.  

Daniel defended Hindus and VHP from attacks by Mr David Shoebridge of the Greens Party by making a statement in the Parliament.

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Daniel’s statement

“Recently, I had the chance to meet with some teachers working in our public school classrooms teaching Hindu children about their religion. Teaching Hinduism in New South Wales schools is no easy feat. When I finished my schooling I had never, ever attended a Hindu scripture class. Like many, I spent that time watching episodes of The Simpsons in non‑scripture, back when The Simpsons was still worth watching. I am proud that my kids are spared that wasted time. Today a Hindu child can learn in a New South Wales school that Hinduism as a faith is no less than Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Sikhism or the world’s other great religions.

Daniel Mookhy

However, at the recent budget estimates hearings an organisation that teaches Hinduism to Hindu children came under scrutiny. The Vishva Hindu Prasad, or VHP, was labelled a militant and far-right Hindu extremist organisation.  Any organisation that is active in our schools can be scrutinised in this place, but members who make allegations need evidence. There is no evidence that the VHP in Australia is anything other than a voluntary organisation of men and women who teach Hindu children about their religion. So says the NSW Police Force; so says the Department of Education. The allegations that were made at budget estimates have hurt many people in the Hindu community. I and the Labor Party urge the member who made those allegations to reconsider making such remarks. Budget estimates is there to hold the Government accountable; it is not there to slur a peace‑loving community with false allegations.”

A transcript of the debate can be found at : Legislative Council Hansard – 12 May 2021 – Proof (nsw.gov.au)

A video of the debate is available at :

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