Congratulations The Honorable Prime Minister Mr Anthony Albanese

The Honorable Prime Minister Mr Anthony Albanese

On Behalf of 700,000 Australian Hindus, the Hindu Council of Australia congratulates you on becoming the 31st Prime Minister of Australia. We support your leadership in creating an inclusive and resilient Australia that stands for mutual respect – not just tolerance.

Hindu Dharma is based on an ancient, ageless and adaptive way of living that enriches lives, communities and the environment. The fast growing and hard-working community of Australian Hindus will continue to strengthen the multicultural fabric of our communities and the continued growth and resilience of the Australian economy.

We look forward to your clear and unequivocal stance against  Hinduphobia and rising vilification of our community while supporting the positive aspirations and well being of all Australians.

Our community is looking forward strong and progressive relationship with India and current Indian Govt under the leadership of Mr Modi to enhance the business, education, cultural and security ties.

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