Parramatta city to consider Hindu spiritual needs

By: Surinder Jain.

Hindu Council had approached Parramatta MP Mr Andrew Charlton to discuss Parramatta city infra-structure needs of Hindus to enable them to perform their rituals and celebrate their festivals.

Andrew Charlton, Parramatta MP

MP Charlton is very supportive of the initiative and arranged a meeting with the mayor of Parramatta Lord Pierre Esber. 

Hindu Council is a member of Better Balanced Futures (BBF) and sought its support to help it documents its requirements and refine them based on their experiences in helping other faith communities. MP Charlton arranged a meeting of Hindu Council and BBF with the mayor of Parramatta and his staff.

From Left to Right Row 1 : Murray Norman (BBF), Pierre Esber (Mayor Parramatta), Prof Nihal Agar, AM (Hindu Council), Andrew Charlton (MP Parramatta), Josh (BBF) Row 2: Darren Bark (BBF), Sai Paravastu (Hindu Council), Surinder Jain (HS Hindu Council)


Following points were raised.

  1. Asthi Visarajana (River bank, safe access to flowing water, temporary prayer space for fire and rituals, benches under shade, hand washing and parking)
  2. Chatt Puja and Visarjana (Water body like beach, pond, creek or river, safe access to water, gathering of a few hundred, temporary prayer space for fire and rituals, beach shower, change room)
  3. Holi and other bonfires (Camp fire space, temporary prayer space for rituals, space to go around and close to the fire fire, space to sit around the fire for singing)
  4. Prayer gatherings at home
  5. Havan at home (fire sacrifice rituals)
  6. India Australia friendship to include Parramatta as a destination

Lord Mayor agreed to conduct further investigations about the feasibility and has asked Director, Parramatta Council to liaise with Surinder Jain from Hindu Council to explore each of the options to provide these facilities for use by Hindus in Sydney.

Hindu Council will keep you posted of developments.  

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