Half a million cows to be buried in Australia

During recent floods in the northern state of Queensland many towns were devastated. The state of Queensland also known as the sunshine state is an agricultural state with cattle farming as well as milk a major part of its economy. Cattle grazing for beef and sheep grazing for wool production is an important industry.  Queensland is the second-largest and third-most populous state in the Commonwealth of Australia with a human population of five million. Natural disasters are often a threat in Queensland.

After a prolonged drought ended in 2019 and  the rains poured like never before. As floodwaters moved through north-west Queensland to the Gulf of Carpentaria, herds of cattle drowned, others froze, while many of the animals that did survive were in such poor condition they had to be put down. This extreme weather event, equivalent to an inland cyclone, has decimated much of Queensland’s native wildlife, along with domestic livestock i.e. cows and sheep.

Cows are kept in iron fence farm segments. During a flood the cows have no where to go once they reach a barbed wire fenced boundary. Unlike wild kangaroos who can jump over fences, cows get stranded and there they died not in thousands but in hundreds of thousands. Half a million cows died during recent floods.

Cows that survived the floods were weak, struggling through the mud. After struggling in such conditions for days on end their energy was depleted and they finally became exhausted and died.

The Government is allowing regional investment corporation to develop concessional loans for farmers. It will enable farmers to refinance existing debt and offer access to loans for restocking by using the stock as collateral.

The Government is also providing cash subsidies to farmers to bury half a million dead cows.

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Hindu Council activities report for 2018

Annual General Meeting of Hindu Council was held in Blacktown on 15th December 2018 and was attended by about 40 members. A report of activities for the year 2018 was presented and can be downloaded below :

Download the report (15MB)

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White Racist posters appear in a Queensland town

Ayr is located 88 kilometres (55 mi) south of Townsville on the Bruce Highway between Top end of Queensland and Brisbane to its south. produces the most sugar cane per square kilometre in Australia. The town has a total population of 8,281 according to the 2016 census of which Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people made up 7.7%. Unlike other cities, most of the people living in Ayr were born in Australia and 85.4% of people only spoke English at home. The most common responses for religion were Catholic 37.3%, Anglican 15.7% and No Religion 15.0%.[1]

If you visit this town on your way to beautiful beaches of northern Queensland, you would feel the same kind of welcome as you do in  most small towns of Australia. BUT not any more.

The town has become the center of controversy when a racist poster was placed up in one of the shops, telling foreigners and backpackers that they’re not welcomed. Although Burdekin Shire Council Mayor Lyn McLaughlin condemned the people responsible for the poster,[10] the memories of a white only Australia policy that was abolished a long time ago, still seems to find favour among the shopkeepers. Little do they realize that they are driving the tourists away from their town and risk the town of Ayr disappear in an economic black hole like  many mining/agricultural towns in Queensland. 

The profanity-laden poster pasted on a shop window reads: “Unless you are of Northern European descent, speak English and you are not a thot (sic) or degenerate, f*** off, because you are not welcome here”. (Thot, is an Australian slang for “that ho over there”.)

Within hours of being notified, Burdekin Shire Council Mayor Lyn McLaughlin issued a statement condemning the “vile” poster targeting backpackers. “I’m appalled … the person responsible should hang their head in shame,” Cr McLaughlin said. “We wholeheartedly welcome backpackers to our region, not only for the crucial work they do in our horticultural industries but for the cultural diversity they add to our community.”

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[And see the offensive poster here ….]

Source from Wikipedia also.


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Brisbane Buddhist temple appreciates Hindu Council

A Buddhist temple in Brisbane appreciates Hindu Council of Australia (HCA)’s presence at their annual Multi-Faith prayer for peace and harmony. Mr Surendra Prasad has been attending this event every year for the last 6 years on behalf of HCA.

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Ahmadhiya Muslim Community Peace Symposium QLD

Surendra Prasad OAM represented Hindu Council of Australia at an Ahmadhiya Muslim Community Peace symposium held in Queensland on 10th December, 2017. He presented Hinduism prospective on Peace in the Symposium.  His full speech is given below.

Speech by Surendra Prasad (QLD)

 Thank you MC, for your kind introduction.

I would like to acknowledge the elders past and present on whose land we have gathered here today. I would also like to acknowledge Imams, inter-faith leaders, distinguished  guests, ladies and gentlemen. [Read more…]

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National Interfaith Peace Conference 2018 Toowoomba

National Interfaith Peace Conference 2018 will be held in Toowoomba on the 9th – 10th March.

Mr Surendra Prasad, Director Hindu Council

Madya Lila, National executive member and

Radha Krishna Das

will represent Hinduism.

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