Hindus make masks for Australian Community

By: Sai Paravastu.

masks are quite essential in the fight against #COVID, they play a crucial role in avoiding community spread. There was a huge shortage of masks in the early days.

Seeing this need our volunteers from Hindu Swayam Sevaks in Queensland have taken an early initiative of stiching and distributing masks to taxi drivers , rideshare drivers and others in need.

These masks were made from scratch by our volunteers who procured the right coth and stitched by volunteers to keep the taxis and ride share service providers #safe while they are out and about.

They are tightly woven to provide max protection to the wearer. its made of vilene fabric, polyethersulfone as filter and 100% cotton finished off with 6mm elastic bands and nose crimp.

“Doree Embroidery and Screen printing” headed by one of our Swayamsevak has provided us with 100 pieces of filter fabric and 50mtrs of fabric for the cause.

Some masks have three layers: top and bottom layers are 100% cotton and the middle layer is flannelette which acts as a filter. 6mm elastic at the end sits smug around the ears. Additionally there is a nose crimp which is glued and sewed to the inner fabric.

some were 5 layered masks and are specially designed for front-end workers ( not to replace N95), but intended to provide max protection. This mask has 5 layers .
1. 100% cotton,
2. breathable synthetic fabric called Vilene
3. Polyethersulfone fabric (filter)
4 flannelette
5. Linnen.

This mask also has a nose crimp and has fabric ties instead of elastic.

Most #masks are washable and reusable. This is one other way we #hindus have come forward in the times of crisis to stand for the community.

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