A case for NO vote in referendum – Hon. Rachel Merton MLC

I cannot support such a radical change to our nation’s founding document, whatever the hectoring of corporate Australia and the advice to “trust us” from the Albanese Government. Any review of what is being proposed suggests that the Australian people are being asked this Saturday to change our democracy, both fundamentally and permanently. We are […]

A Case for NO vote in referendum – Mark Taylor MP, Shadow Minister for Western Sydney

Australia is the greatest country in the world and the Voice Referendum undermines Australia’s unity by dividing our population along racial lines. This referendum comes at a time where cost of living, housing, healthcare and education issues are challenging people across our nation. There is limited detail in the Voice proposal which has confused people […]

A case for a YES vote in referendum – Councillor Sameer Pandey

The referendum is a once in a generation opportunity to recognise Indigenous Australians. The referendum is very simple – it’s about recognising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in our constitution, it’s about listening, and it’s about a better future for everyone. This is the time to have dialogue and discussions in the community and […]

A case for YES vote in referendum – MP Andrew Charlton

India’s history is an inspiring story of overcoming colonisation. India has faced its history and moved forward as a successful modern nation. Australia also has to acknowledge our past and move forward by recognising First Nations people.   For most Australians, the Voice won’t make a difference in our lives. But for Aboriginal Australians, many […]

A Case for NO vote in referendum – Hon Peter Dutton, Leader of Opposition

Whether you are an Indigenous Australian, were born Australian, or have come from around the world and become Australian, we are all Australians. And because we are all Australians, we are treated equally under the law. A Voice will change this fundamental democratic principle. It will confer a privilege on one set of Australians purely […]

A case for a YES vote in Referendum – Hon. Michelle Rowland MP, Minister for Communications

“On the 14th of October we have an opportunity to unify the nation, and make history. All with a single word – Yes. The Voice will be an independent committee made up of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people from every state and territory, the Torres Strait and regional and remote communities. It’s an idea […]

Case for a YES vote in Referendum – A message from Noel Pearson

Dear Desi Community, On 14 October you will have the opportunity to vote Yes to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the Constitution through a Voice. Australia is a country blessed by its multicultural success and unity. Australians with connections across the globe, have made this country home. In so doing, they have […]

Spiritual Similarities Between First Nations People and Hindus

There are a number of  similarities between the Spiritual thinking of the Indigenous Australians  and the people of Hindu Faith. Related Images:

Spiritual integration of two ancient Nations Australia and India

Prakruthi Mysore Gururaj creates a historical moment of spiritual integration of two ancient Nations Australia and India  It was a historical moment created when Prakruthi Mysore Gururaj, being the first Indian to be welcomed and accepted into Gunggari Nation by one of the keepers of Indigenous Australian tradition and culture Aunty Peggy and Aunty Cathy […]

Spiritual Harmony between Australian Aboriginals and Hindus

By: Vijai Singhal. A sacred ceremony was conducted by the Aboriginal elders Aunty Peggy and Aunty Cathy to welcome Prakruthi Mysore Gururaj, a Fijian Indian lady as their traditional family member into Gunggari Nation. She was given a traditional name Bua Bua  which means butterfly and hence will be called a  Butterfly lady  in the […]

Aboriginal Spirituality and Hindu Faith

Aboriginal spirituality and Hindu Faith Australian aborigines claim to have lived here for over 50,000 years. Some estimates put it even to 65,000 years. Also, a study in 2013 at the Max Planck Institute by researchers, led by Irina Pugach suggested that Aboriginal genomes consist of up to 11% Indian DNA which is uniformly spread […]

Pre-history migration of Hindus to Australia

A study of Indigenous Australian DNA has found that Indigenous Australians may have mixed with people of Indian origin about 4,200 years ago. The same study showed that flint tools and Indian dogs may have been introduced from India at about this time.[10]  A 2012 paper reports that there is also evidence of a substantial genetic flow […]

Yabun Matra – bilingual CD in Dharwal and Sanskrit

By: School of Vedic Sciences, Sydney, Australia. Dharawal (Thurawal, Dharawal, Wodiwodi) is an extinct aboriginal language of New South wales, Australia. During the International Year of Indigenous Languages (2019), Sydney based School of Vedic Sciences has published second edition of Yabun (mAtrA), the Dharwal Song Book. Although Dharawal is an extinct language, an aboriginal elder […]

Did Indians bring technology of Fire, Farming and tools to Australia Four Thousand Years Ago

Genetic evidence suggests that just over 4 millennia ago a group of Indian travellers landed in Australia and stayed. The evidence emerged a few years ago after a group of Aboriginal men’s Y chromosomes matched with Y chromosomes typically found in Indian men.[…Read More…] Related Images:

Gargi Woman Jacinta Tobin

Winner of Gargi Woman Award 2018 – (Community) By Bharathi R Jacinta Tobin has been awarded Hindu Council of Australia’s Gargi Woman Award 2018 for her outstanding contribution to Community. The award consisting of a plaque was presented to her by Dy. Lord Mayor Parramatta Council Hon. Michelle Garrad  Mr Prakash Mehta – National President […]