Yabun Matra – bilingual CD in Dharwal and Sanskrit

By: School of Vedic Sciences, Sydney, Australia.

Dharawal (Thurawal, Dharawal, Wodiwodi) is an extinct aboriginal language of New South wales, Australia. During the International Year of Indigenous Languages (2019), Sydney based School of Vedic Sciences has published second edition of Yabun (mAtrA), the Dharwal Song Book.

Although Dharawal is an extinct language, an aboriginal elder Les Bursill AOM who is 74 years old is “the knowledge hodler of all things Dharwal” and has been instrumental in writing the songs.

The second edition includes among other things, English and Sanskrit translation of songs written by Sanskrit Scholar and Principal of Sydney Sanskrit School, Dr Meenakashi Srinivasan while Dharwal songs were composed and sung by Peter Morgan.

Among many other treasurers, the book contains Australian National Anthem translated into Dharwal language and in Sanskrit language. The book is a handy resource to find translations of Dharwal words into English and Sanskrit language.

Dr Meenakshi runs regular Sanskrit classes in various parts of Sydney.

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