A case for NO vote in referendum – Hon. Rachel Merton MLC

I cannot support such a radical change to our nation’s founding document, whatever the hectoring of corporate Australia and the advice to “trust us” from the Albanese Government.

Any review of what is being proposed suggests that the Australian people are being asked this Saturday to change our democracy, both fundamentally and permanently. We are being asked to dismantle the basis of our liberal democracy, which has been built on the basis that whether you are First Fleet, First Nations or one of our most recent citizens, you are an Australian and an equal before the law, with the same rights and the same liberties.

I believe that we should aspire to a country where race is irrelevant and is not entrenched in the Constitution forever, which is what the Voice will do. I cannot support a reform that will constitutionalise racial privilege and undermine the principles of equality and non-discrimination.

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