A Case for NO vote in referendum – Hon Peter Dutton, Leader of Opposition

Whether you are an Indigenous Australian, were born Australian, or have come from around the world and become Australian, we are all Australians. And because we are all Australians, we are treated equally under the law. A Voice will change this fundamental democratic principle. It will confer a privilege on one set of Australians purely based on their ancestry.

We all recognise the disadvantages facing many Indigenous Australians, especially those living in remote communities. But a Voice will not deliver the change and improvements we all desire. Prime Minister Albanese has provided no details on how the Voice will function. Our best legal minds remain divided on the Voice showing that this constitutional change is risky. And if anything goes wrong with a constitutional Voice, we are stuck with it. A Voice will be the biggest change to our democratic system in our history.

Voting ‘No’ is not to turn our backs on disadvantaged Indigenous Australians, rather, voting ‘No’ is to reject a bad idea and changing our country for the worse

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