A case for YES vote in referendum – MP Andrew Charlton

India’s history is an inspiring story of overcoming colonisation. India has faced its history and moved forward as a successful modern nation. Australia also has to acknowledge our past and move forward by recognising First Nations people.
For most Australians, the Voice won’t make a difference in our lives. But for Aboriginal Australians, many of whom are expected to live a decade less than non-Aboriginal Australians and three times more likely to live below the poverty line, this will mean everything. This is a simple, good-hearted proposition that comes from Aboriginal communities. It asks Australia to create a body to give advice to the government only on policies that relate to Aboriginal communities. The Voice will not be able to make laws and it has no authority to deliver policies. It simply gives advice.

The Voice will recognise that Aboriginal Australians were here first, and it will give them a place in our country’s birth certificate – our Constitution. The Voice will help make sure that the governments and politicians who determine the futures of Aboriginal communities will not make policies about them, without them.

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