Introduction to Hinduism – Self study course

How to study this course

Welcome to the study of an introductory course on Hinduism conducted by Hindu Council of Australia. This is a self study course.  You have to study each lesson and then answer the quiz for that lesson. Upon successful passing of all the Quiz with at least passing marks, you have successfully completed the course and are eligible for the award of a “Introduction to Hinduism” certificate by Hindu Council of Australia.

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Brief syllabus of the course “Introduction to Hinduism” is given below.

Introduction (Sanatan dharma, Definitions, Denominations and Diversity, Unity, Colonial influences), Beliefs, Purusharthas, Philosophies,  Karma, Moksha, Concept of God, Traditions, Symbols, Scriptures, Rituals and Ceremonies, Rites of Passage, Bhakti, Festivals, Pilgrimage, Varnas, Yoga,  Ahimsa, Vegetarianism, Temples, Ashramas of Life, Sanyasa, , Attitude of others, Hinduism in Australia.

Course Lessons

There are following lessons in this course.

  1. What is Hinduism
  2. Hindu Denominations
  3. Hindu Beliefs
  4. Hindu Scriptures
  5. Hindu Rituals
  6. Hindu Symbols and Icons
  7. Hindu Festivals
  8. Hindu Society and Institutions
  9. Hindu History
  10. Hindu Diaspora

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After you have enrolled into this course, please study the lessons and pass their quiz below in order to complete this course.

Lets study and finish this course

You have to study each lesson and pass all quiz to complete this course. 

Each lesson is followed by a quiz. You will find a “To-do Test/Exam” link at the bottom of each lesson to take you to the quiz. At the top of each lesson, you will find your status of having progressed/completed the lesson. This is for your information only and helps you to know how far you have progressed in the course.

At the top and at the bottom of each lesson, you will find a link to the previous lesson (<<<<) and a link to the next lesson (>>>>). You can click on these links to move to the next lesson or to review previous lessons.

If you have not started this course yet, you can start doing the first lesson by clicking here What is Hinduism.

or if you have already started this course, please complete the lessons from the list below that are marked as “Not Completed”.

Course Lessons

Course Quiz/Assignments/Exams

After studying each lessons, you have to pass the Quiz for that lesson, usually given at the bottom of the lesson itself. Upon passing a Quiz, you have completed and passed that lessons. Upon passing all lessons, you have completed the course and are eligible for award of a certificate.

A complete list of all Quiz to pass this course are given below. You are welcome to take these Quiz with or without registering in the course.


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This course has been prepared by Surinder Jain with advice and contribution from Pandit Ram Ramanuja Achari. Proof reading of the lessons is being done by Srilata Bhardwaj. Special thanks to Wikipedia whose material including images have been used.


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Q. How do I enroll in this course.

A. Click Here to enroll in Introduction to Hinduism – Self Study Course

Q. How do I get a certificate

A. You have to read all lessons and then pass Quiz of each lesson. When you do that, a certificate will be ready for you. You can see it by going to My Courses page and looking under My Certificates. Once you see a certificate there, you can ask your course administrator to send you a formal paper certificate.

Q. I have enrolled, what next?

A. AFter enrolling, you can start reading the lessons and then take and pass the Quiz of each lesson. You can start on your first lesson by clicking here or you can start any other lesson by clicking here.



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