Register for a self study course on Hinduism

Hindu Council is offering an “Introduction to Hinduism Course” with an easy test to monitor its successful completion. This course is web based and has 10 lessons. Each lesson should take no more than hour of self study at home. After reading a lesson, an objective type Quiz assesses the students proficiency. Students who pass each lesson quiz with an B or A grade are deemed to have completed all requirements.

The course is being offered for free.

In order to enroll in this course, you have to Register yourself at the Hindu Council web site. You will require an email address plus you have to choose a user id/password. You can register yourself  at

If you are already registered with the web site then you can logon with your user id/password by clicking

Once you have logged in, you can enroll into course at 


Any feedback on this course can be sent to editor at

Good luck.