Take a Quiz on Hindu Society and Institutions

Take a Quiz on Hindu Society and Institutions

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1. A Hindu temple is a place where humans and God can come together?


2. One’s Jati (the clan of birth) determines one’s Varna or categorisation? Yes/No


3. Hindu society is categorized into classes, called Varna. How many Varna categories are there?


4. Hindu vegetarianism is an off shoot of observing non-violence? Yes/No


5. Hindu life is divided into how many stages (Asharamas)? Yes/No


6. A Hindu temple can have only one murti (idol of a God form) in a building?


7. It is imperative for a Hindu to enter into these stages of life (Asharamas) sequentially? Yes/No


8. Which of the following correctly describe the head of a Matha, a Hindu monastry? You can tick more than one answer.


9. It is not possible to build a new Hindu temple in Australia?


10. All Hindus are vegetarians? Yes/No


11. Usually, Hindus of one Jati can marry anyone else in the same Jati? Yes/No


12. A Hindu takes to Sanyaas (monastic life) because?


13. Every Hindu must belong to one of the four Varna categories to be called a Hindu? Yes/No


14. A Hindu monastery is called?


15. Varna categorization of Hindu society is based on one’s birth? Yes/No


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