Severe shortage of Hindu SRE teachers in NSW schools


Currently there is an estimated short fall of about a 1,000 Hindu Special Religious Education teachers in NSW.

2017 Statistics

In the enrollment year 2107, there were about 20,000 Hindu students in NSW out of a total of 755,000 student in 2,160 schools, making 2.64% of all students. Buddhists had about 15,000 and Muslims about 50,000 while Sikhs and Jains together had only just over 2,300 students enrolled in public schools.

Of the 2,160 schools, 1,600 were Primary schools and about 400 Secondary schools, rest being others. About 140 Primary schools out of 1,600 have six or more Hindu students, many having more than 200 students. Of 400 secondary schools, about 140 have more than six students with some having numbers in hundreds.

Schools with more than 200 Hindu students  :

NameTypepostcodeoperational_directorateprincipal_networkTotal Studen


Number of Hindu Students% Hindus
Westmead Public SchoolPrimary School2145Macquarie ParkHolroyd144192064
Girraween Public SchoolPrimary School2145Macquarie ParkParramatta113477769
Parramatta Public SchoolPrimary School2150Macquarie ParkParramatta91041646
Matthew Pearce Public SchoolPrimary School2153Macquarie ParkThe Hills139534124
Parramatta High SchoolSecondary School2150Macquarie ParkParramatta85832037
Blacktown South Public SchoolPrimary School2148Macquarie ParkNirimba100730630
Rosehill Public SchoolPrimary School2142Macquarie ParkParramatta66430446
Girraween High SchoolSecondary School2145Macquarie ParkParramatta75929739
Macarthur Girls High SchoolSecondary School2150Macquarie ParkParramatta101329729
Wentworthville Public SchoolPrimary School2145Macquarie ParkHolroyd52429356
Darcy Road Public SchoolPrimary School2145Macquarie ParkHolroyd65428443
Penrith High SchoolSecondary School2750Macquarie ParkPenrith93027429
Cherrybrook Technology High SchoolSecondary School2126Macquarie ParkDural193025013
Baulkham Hills High SchoolSecondary School2153Macquarie ParkThe Hills121322919
Quakers Hill Public SchoolPrimary School2763Macquarie ParkThe Hills95622323
Riverbank Public SchoolPrimary School2769Macquarie ParkThe Hills81122127
Macquarie Fields High SchoolSecondary School2564UltimoGlenfield110920518

There are no reliable numbers available as to how many of these schools and students are actually getting Hindu SRE education. But it is estimated that with a maximum class size of 20, about 1,200 Hindu SRE teachers are needed where as only about two hundred teachers have been trained so far by four SRE providers namely, VHP, Chinmaya Mission, Saiva Manram and J.E.T.

Currently there is a short fall of about a 1,000 Hindu SRE teachers in NSW.

(source: Based on Department of Education NSW and on Hindu Council’s research)

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