It is not so cool – Being Shiva

Grief-stricken Shiva sat next to a funeral pyre, sobbing… crying his heart out; perhaps this was the only reminder of the warmth, which Sati provided Him. The haunting memories of carrying Sati’s body, set ablaze in His arms, roaming across the World, made Him restless. He was angry when Vishnu cut Sati’s body into 51 pieces with his Sudarshan chakra (discus), causing the remains of her body to be spread all over the World. He stood up, walked closer to another pyre, which had just extinguished, gathered its ashes and smeared it all over His body. This is how I shall be close to my Sati, He said. He craved Her touch and found comfort in those ashes.

He no longer wished to engage with the World and left for Kailash, making it His home, away from settlements, away from people and living beings, where the rivers froze and mountains stood still. The harshness and hostility of Kailash, didn’t allow even a blade of grass to grow. Shiva sat on top of a mountain peak, lit His Marijuana-filled pipe and smoked it. He felt very connected to His beloved Sati and less engaged with the World, which took Her away from Him.

Shiva and Parvati

The icy-cold breeze perhaps matched the feelings in His heart. He sat in deep meditation and shut His eyes. Withdrawing Himself from every desire. Kama, the god of desire approached Shiva, forcing Him to engage with the World. As a result of this, Shiva burnt Him to ashes, called Himself Kamantaka (one who destroys kama-desires). He became withdrawn and disengaged, and didn’t wish to be in the World, nor engage with Society and its ways. Instead, He chose the company of the dead, sitting next to the funeral pyre, smoking pot.

Many people who choose this addiction may be experiencing a similar mental state that Shiva must have gone through, others may have their own reasons for this behaviour. But one must know that no-one, including Shiva, could remain disengaged. He fell in love with Gauri, chose to marry Her, and settled in Kashi, which has a Bazaar, and where they could have interactions and exchanges. He is never seen smoking pot when He is with His family, which probably explains Shiva taking responsibility, and His engagement with the World. He chooses to help His devotees overcome their fears, grants them boons, comforts them, entertains them with His Tandava (Shivas dance) and gives them knowledge as Adiyogi. He is a responsible householder, passionate husband, loving Father and compassionate God. Perhaps this is a reason why we call Him Mahadev.

Shivohm, Shivohm – Shiva I AM. I am SHIVA.

If Shiva can take these roles and stand as an example to all of us, so too can the people who are wanting to quit smoking marijuana. After all we all are Mahadev – Har Har Mahadev (Har = each one).

Meanwhile, while you are researching and seeking your own help, here are couple of things that you could do to help you to stop smoking weed:

Throw away all your pot and smoking paraphernalia.
Find an accountability partner: this means finding a responsible friend, or a family member, who would regularly inquire about your progress to stop smoking weed.
Make yourself ready for the withdrawal symptoms, which include anxiety, insomnia, reduced appetite, irritability etc.
Avoid triggers. Instead find an activity that can keep you busy, like catching up with friends who don’t smoke and do not encourage you to smoke.
Seek professional help to help you stop smoking.

The information and views expressed in the blog are individual and inspired from writer’s experience and study in Hypnotherapy and Mythology. Picture courtesy Wikicommons.

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