Discourse of Dr RVSS Avadhanulu, Canberra Chapter, HCA

Written By: Santosh Gupta. Photos by : Bibhuti Panda. Video by : Mitra Desai.

Hindu Council of Australia, Canberra Chapter, organised a discourse of Dr RVSS Avadhanulu, an Eminent Vedic Scholar & Founder of Shri Veda Bharati, on the Scientific Aspects in Vedas and Shastras on 19 May 2019 at the Hindu Temple & Cultural Centre.

The program started with the chanting of the Gayatri Mantra by Bipin Sumant and welcome address by Prakash Mehta, National President, Hindu Council of Australia. The Hindu Temple & Cultural Centre’s Priest, Pundit Acharya Prakash Pandey, welcomed with a traditional welcome Tilak and Mantra.

Santosh Gupta, Coordinator, Canberra Chapter, Hindu Council of Australia, introduced Dr Avadhanulu by providing a glimpse of his educational and Vedic research & qualifications, and awards.

Dr Avadhanulu in his presentation of more than an hour touched upon many scientific aspects including the following aspects:

* To understand Vedas, there are some preparatory books such as Vedangas that explain how to read and construe Richas or hymns appearing in Vedas.

* About 20 modern subjects including Computational Science and Remote Sensing in Vedas.

* Unique decimal system in Vedas.

* Numbers have a philosophical meaning. For example, in Rudra Abhishek, 1 = seeking Adwaita, 3 = three gunas (satva, raja and tama), 5 = five senses, and so on

* Varahmihira in a commentary on Vedas explain why and how earth floats in space.

* Hindus have moral responsibility to study and propagate Vedas, Vedangas, Shastras, Mimansas etc.

The discourse ended with a very interesting and informative QA session. Prakash Mehta delivered vote of thanks including the Hindu Temple & Cultural Centre provided the venue, and Murthy Potukuchi for organizing Dr Avadhanulu’s visit to Canberra.


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